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Software Requirements Specification Template
IT -706 Minor Project

The following annotated template shall be used to complete the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) of IT -706 Minor Projects. The guide must approve any modifications to the overall structure of this document.

Template Usage:
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5 References 3
2. Overall Description 3
2.1 Product Perspective 3
2.2 Product Functions 4
2.3 User Classes and Characteristics 6
2.4 Operating Environment 6
2.5 General Constraints 6
2.6 Assumptions and Dependencies 6
3. Specific Requirements 7
3.1 External Interface Requirements 8
3.1.1 User Interfaces 8
3.1.2 Hardware Interfaces 9
3.1.3 Software Interfaces 10
3.1.4 Communications Interfaces 11
3.2 Functional Requirements 12
3.2.1 <Functional Requirement or Feature #1> 12
3.2.2 <Functional Requirement or Feature #2> 12
3.3 Non-Functional Requirements 14
3.3.1 Performance 14
3.3.2 Reliability 14
3.3.3 Availability 14
3.3.4 Security 15
3.3.5 Maintainability 15
3.3.6 Portability 15
3.4 Use Cases 16
3.4.1 Use Case #1 16
3.4.2 Use Case #2 17
3.5 Classes / Objects 17
3.5.1 <Class / Object #1> 17
3.5.2 <Class / Object #2> 18
3.6 Logical Database Requirements 18
4. Analysis Models 5
4.1 Sequence Diagrams 5
4.3 Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) 5
4.2 State-Transition Diagrams (STD) 5
Appendix 5
Appendix A: Glossary 5
Appendix B: To Be Determined List 5

* Online retail management makes shopping a pleasurable experience and ensures the customers leave the store with complete satisfaction. In simpler words, online retail management helps customers shop without any difficulty. The various processes which help the customers to acquire the desired product from the online retail stores for their end use refer to as online retail management. Online retail management includes all the steps required to bring the customers to the store and fulfill their buying needs. Online retail management information systems support distributed stores by linking them. By allowing the instant exchange of information, store managers can stay in contact to more effectively control profits for the whole company. The system should support product management. It should also enable detailed analysis of customer data. A flexible system allows managers to set prices for variable time periods based on the store location. To meet the needs of sales and inventory managers, online retail management information systems include a mobile user interface.
ORMS- is an art, and necessitates employing several tools of logistics management for a complete end user satisfaction. ORMS - is getting to know the final user on behalf of the producer. ORMS - is a process of facilitation.

Today, the business is done online worldwide, the management of institutions, company, and retail stores is done through network technology using internet, all the systems of information management has been digitized. All these innovations have the aim to simplify life by making a lot of things easily and in a short time. Security is of utmost concern today. Today’s customers want more friendly view of every product. Today’s ORMS are based on 2D front view, also the customer always get insecure about their security. Also the customer have...

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