Online Vs. Traditional Schooling Essay

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Online Vs. Traditional Schooling

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There is a long standing debate whether online or traditional schooling is more effective. What people do not realize is that online and traditional schooling are actually quite similar once you look at the material, curriculum, and the instructors teaching the classes. The instructors for online and traditional classes teach the same curriculum, using different techniques to give the students the information that they need. Online and traditional classes do of course have their differences such as the environment the students are working in, the ...view middle of the document...

Some students learn better by having an in-person explanation, which is harder to get from a computer screen. All students learn differently – for example, some need a visual aspect whereas others can comprehend an idea by simply reading about it. Which form of education is the best is dependent on the individual. Some can learn just as much from an online class as they can from a traditional class, whereas others need the in-class visual to comprehend the same information. The number of students the instructor has to teach can also influence the education that the students receive. If there are several hundred students under one instructor, it would be hard for them to keep up with the individual attention that each student needs to have.

The time constraints for online and traditional brick and mortar schooling are really quite different. While attending school online the classes are broken down into weeks of an overall time period of five weeks so it gives you an entire week to do a few assignments. Like online teaching, the instructors can make due dates at any time but traditionally students get the weekends off for studying and completing assignments. Many assignments are received electronically, though, so instructors do not need to wait until class time to set a due date. Although lessons are given in class, all other work often operates like an online class. Also attending online classes students do not have to worry about when they get online as long as they finish their participation and assignments as per their instructor guidance. Online learning allows students to be able to hop onto any computer to get their work completed when it is convenient for them. This is fantastic for people who struggle with having a fixed time to be in class, such as people who work and care for a family. It allows them to have electronic versions of their books so they do not have to worry about buying them. Therefore, online classes allows students to have more time to complete their work, reducing the stress that they are put under by giving them a much more flexible schedule. Much like traditional classes, students have more time to focus on their studies that are taken up by class blocks like on-campus classes. When attending traditional brick and mortar school, the student's time is around class blocks to work but it is significantly cut by the lessons. Most classes are either Tuesdays and Thursdays or Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. In a traditional school students are given a specific amount of time to complete their assignments, this could cause more stress to be put on them which may cause them to not do as well on their assignments. With traditional schooling students are strapped with time restraints which means they have to do their work when they first get their assignment to make sure they have enough time to complete their work in its entirety, according to the instructors guidance, and having it completed when it is due. It seems...

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