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Only One Religion Can Be True

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Only one religion can be true.
All over the world, billions of people look for their true beliefs. They fight for their own religion and try to impose their opinions as ‘the true ones’. In this essay, I will argue that all the religions are true, depending on people’s perceptions. My thesis will be proved by three major premises.
First of all, during the past three to four thousand years wars were waged mostly for religious purposes. The example of the Crusades is a very explicit one. The Crusaders tried to convert Muslims, Jews and many others to Christianity without any proof that it was the true religion. If more people accepted their religion as the best faith for ...view middle of the document...

The religion was Christianity and Protestants refused the catholic beliefs. The latter tried to impose over this new way of thinking. This is one way of oppressing the different understandings of religion. The key principle is ‘What is contrary cannot be true.’[2]
In my opinion, this thesis is not true. I accept more the vision of the great pacifist Mahatma Gandhi:’ Religions are different roads converging to the same point,’ and asked ‘What does it matter if we take different roads so long as we reach the same goal? Where in is the cause for quarreling?’
My second important premise is the fact that all the religions are based on similar principles. The main great religions have all originated in the East: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I read in one article: ‘All ways lead to god’[3], and this is true. All the religions that have achieved the status of world religions possess similarities: belief in a being greater than the humans, sacred book, pioneers, institutions, and rituals. They all answer to the questions: how the world started? How did the human being begin? So we have already several proofs of the resemblances of these religions. The epistemology is one study of all the religious believes, of the ways to god.
In a lot of religions, the relation between man and God appears in human form called prophet (Jesus, Mohamet, Butthitsatvas, Moses…). These holy persons want to illuminate normal people in the new teaching. We don’t have proofs of the studies of these prophets but the stories of their lives survived through generations. They all sacrificed a little part of their own welfare, in order to convince us to accept the faith. The redemption of sins was accomplished by the sacrifice of the Savior in Christianity. Mohammed taught the Arabs in the ‘true’ religion, Islam. He sacrificed his first faith, Christianity. All these religions originate from different times and are different in their teachings. Therefore, it would seem likely that the true God must be a personal God, and not the God of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism.
My last argument for this premise is that the religions all try to propose a statement of the life after death. Whether there is soul existence or not, some form of energy existence is taught by the ancient Hebrews, ‘Purgatory is taught by the Roman Catholic Church, Heaven or Paradise is taught by many religions, Hell which is also taught by many faiths, reincarnation, transmigration of the soul, nirvana, an alternative world much like Earth, and probably some other places or states that we have missed’[4]. Men and women have the choice of their actions, but whether they have don good or evil defines their after life. This is one more common point in all the religions.
My last premise is that there can’t be only one religion. All the religions are completing their ideas on different levels. ‘Christianity is the only religion that provides a provision for...

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