Open And Closed Source Essay

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Open and Closed Source Systems
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Open and Closed Source Systems
Open and closed sources is a term that not many people know the difference. According to Damicon (2003-2009), “True-open-source development requires that a community of software engineers band together to work on the software.” What the company is stating is the more minds are used to develop the software the better it will be. Now a closed source is a little different. “Closed-source programs are owned by someone (or some organization) and distributed through a variety of retail channels including the owner's website Damicon (2003-2009).” Basically a closed source is the ...view middle of the document...

For example a new version of java comes out and the user updates without reading the fine print about what will be compatible and what is not. So now the users has an updated java but cannot access their student email because the update has not completely made compatible with every program. Or another great example is not all browsers are compatible with reading material for online books that instructors want their students to read. That is why sometimes free, is not always a good thing.
Closed source systems are a little bit trickier then open source. A closed source system is better protected for the user. The reason why it is protected is because the user must buy the software in order to get access. Some examples of closed sources would be Microsoft Office, any kind of anti-virus that is not a trial run, and IOS. All of these systems are privately owned by an individual or company and have complete control over it. For example you buy Microsoft Office 2013 for one hundred dollars and go home to install the software to your computer. After inserting the CD ROM, after a bit the software requires the user in input the code that the container itself has inside. Then the software will verify that the correct code has...

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