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Opera Case Opera's Point Of View

2142 words - 9 pages

Opera’s point of view


|What is the nature of the conflict as seen by the |Person in lead role |
|organisation/constituency you represent? |Production will open in 3 wks |
| |Sally’s salary |
| |Inexperience of secondary person |
| | ...view middle of the document...


|2.1 What are the issues related to this conflict, as|Issues relating to my organisation/constituency |Priority |
|seen from the perspective of your | |ranking |
|organisation/constituency? | | |
| |Tangible: | |
| |Cancel the opera = loss |4 |
| |Less than 85% seat occupation is below b/e point | |
| | |3 |
| |Sally’s salary | |
| | |2 |
| |More marketing needed with Sally as lead, with a |1 |
| |younger person you could get the 85% seat occupation, | |
| |with Sally you don’t know | |
| |Intangible: | |
| |Lower quality due to lower quality performance |3 |
| |Inexperience of secondary |2 |
| |Sally has been there, less attractive b/c it’s not a |1 |
| |new role for her | |
|2.2 What are the issues related to this conflict, as|Issues relating to each of the other parties per party |Priority |
|seen from the perspective of the other party/parties? | |ranking |
| | | |
| | | |
| |Tangible: | |
| |Salary |1 ...

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