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The purpose and function of an operating system is, to manage software that manages the computer hardware and software resources. It also provides common services for the computer programs, an operating system is a vital part of a computer system, and most applications require an operating system. An operating system acts as a middle component between the applications and you the person who is using it, and the hardware or applications that are trying to perform any function. An operating systems starts when, you first turn on your computer and ends when you turn your computer off. Some of the functions of an operating system are, booting your computer up, an operating system manages input and output devices that you are using on your computer. An operating system also provides a graphical ...view middle of the document...

A second difference among Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating system is, Linux is an open source program that is ever expanding. This means anyone is able to change it if they have the knowledge on how to do it. People who have the knowledge on Linux are able to add to the code or they can add to the functions of the code. People can also add to the code or change it to make it accustom to their own taste.
A third difference among Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems is, Linux is a free operating system. People who modify Linux to their own personal preference, is not allowed to sell it. You must give Linux away for free.
A fourth difference among Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems is, windows is and all in one operating system and GUI. Windows has many different versions of its operating system. Some of the different versions are, windows 7, Vista, XP, and Windows 8 and 8.1. Windows is also supported on most everyday devices that you would typically use. This makes windows very desired by most customers.
A fifth difference among Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems is, Linux is typically used for servers and companies, and Windows and Max OS X are typically used for everyday home use.
A sixth difference among windows, Linux and Mac OS x operating system is, through personal experience I have learned that, Mac OS X operating system gives the user very little control over the operating system, it’s meant for being creative with the supplied programs that are created for Mac. Mac is great if you are a graphic designer or working with video software. Windows gives you more control of the operating system and it is a lot easier to create software for more of a personal use. While Linux, gives you almost complete control over the operating system and system files. Linux requires more of a higher knowledge to be able to use it.

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