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Operation And Productions Management Essay

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Operations and Productions Management - the management of systems or processes that create goods and/or provide services

Operations - the part of a business organization that is responsible for producing goods or services

Goods – physical items that include raw materials, parts, subassemblies, and final products

Services- are activities that provide some combination of time, location, form, or psychological value.

Supply Chain – is the sequence of organizations –their facilities, functions and activities –that are involved in producing and delivering a product or service.

Three basic functions of a business organization:
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5. Quick Response
6. Flexibility
7. Inventory Management
8. Supply Chain Managament
9. Service
10. Managers &Workers

Mission – is the reason for its existence and found in the mission statement

Goals – provides more detail and describe the scope of the mission

Strategies – plans for achieving organizational goals

Tactics – methods and actions used to accomplish strategies

Hierarchy of planning and decision making:

Environmental scanning – is the monitoring of events and trends that present either threats or opportunities for the organization

External factors:
* Economic conditions – general health and direction of the economy
* Political conditions – favorable and unfavorable attitudes towards business
* Legal environment – antitrust laws, government regulations, etc.
* Technology – rate at which the product innovations are occurring
* Competition – number and strength of competitors, the basis of competition
* Markets – size, location, brand loyalties, etc.

Internal factors:
* Human resources – skills and abilities of managers and workers
* Facilities and equipment – capacities, location, age, cost to maintain
* Financial resources – cash flow, funding, etc.
* Customers – loyalty, existing relationships, etc.
* Technology – existing technology, ability to integrate new technology
* Suppliers – supplier relationships, dependability of suppliers, quality, flexibility, etc.
* Other

Strategy Formulation
1. Link strategy directly to organization’s mission or vision statement
2. Assess SWOT and identify core competencies
3. Identify order winners and order qualifiers
4. Select one or two strategies

Quality-based strategies – focuses on maintaining or improving the quality of an organization’s products or services

Time-based strategies – focuses on reducing the time required to accomplish various activities

Time reduction can be done through the following:
* Planning time – time needed to react to a competitive threat
* Product/Service design time – time needed to develop and market new or redesigned products or services
* Processing time – time needed to change producing one type of product or service to another
* Changeover time - time needed to change from producing one type of product or service to another.
* Delivery time – time needed to fill orders
* Response time for complaints

Productivity – a measure of the effective use of resources, usually expressed as the ration of output to input
Productivity= OutputInput

Factors that affect productivity:
* Standardizing
* Quality differences
* Use of the Internet
* Computer viruses
* Searching for lost or misplaced item
* Scrap rates
* New workers
* Safety
* Short of information technology workers
* Layoffs
* Labor turnover
* Design of...

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