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Operation Management Essay

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Each section provides theoretical concept detail first, followed by analysis and discussion of how (BDC) can apply the theory and what benefits it can achieve.


Belhasa Driving Center (BDC) is the largest and most successful Driving Institute in the Middle East and has been in operation since 2001. Over 75,000 students have obtained their driver’s license in various categories since its inception. BDC has over 600 qualified male and Female Instructors of different nationalities who can instruct the students in their primary language making it easier for them to take their driver training. They also have Russian Speaking lady instructors. One Section of the Institute is solely for the use of BDC’s female students where female Instructors and Assessors provide tuition to their female clientele.

The driving tuition standards are set at International levels and the driving tuition methods are continuously updated to make use of the latest driving techniques. BDC's International partners, The Institute of The Motor Industry of The UK (IMI), The International Association for Driver Education and The Institute of Advanced Motorist-UK (IAM) plays a major role to ensure AT BDC it is believed that in the pursuit of quality and excellence there is no finishing line.
To establish Belhasa Driving Center (BDC) as the premier Driving Training Center in the region by educating and shaping future and existing road users into Safe Drivers by maintaining our uncompromising standards whilst we grow thus achieving Road Safety.
To promote Safe Driving in future and existing road users by delivering secure, effective and professional driving education of highest standards and to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction and confidence in the quality and integrity of the training provided through interactive ways in Light Motor Vehicle, Motor cycle, Industrial cum Commercial Vehicles, Advanced Motorists Training for all categories and OFF Road Vehicle Courses and contributing towards a Safe Driving community.
Quality Policy
We at Belhasa Driving Center (BDC) are committed to the continual improvement in quality of our products and services and to the development of our employees at all levels and communicating this policy to all employees.

1: Challenges faced by the company
Being an integral part of the Sales and Marketing department it is always essential for us to ensure that company's market share in the region is persistent and expands. Despite being the best driving institute in the region there are many untapped opportunities in the market which can take BDC to an altogether new level.
Even the upcoming Expo 2020 has a great impact on each sector which is clearly visible as the number of students applying for their driving license has shown a sudden rise in the past 3 to 4 months. This certainly because of the expected traffic of...

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