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Operational Plan Td Bank Essay

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As a current employee of TD Bank, having to conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis on a company I am a stakeholder, I have a knew perspective on how strategic and operational planning has effect on me. As a part of management understanding the strategic vision of the company will enable management to effectively carry out the operational mission thus ensure all internal and external shareholders whether unique customer service, communicating across the social media with customers and employees, produces What’s In IT For Me (WIIFM) experience which means revenue.
TD Bank strengths rely upon their ability to WOW their customer base with being Americas ...view middle of the document...

They recently acquired the Target Credit Card portfolio and a couple of years acquired the MBNA portfolio part of the affinity card program.
With continuing changing legislation threats are inevitable. Dodd Frank legislation has recently changed how all banks operate and TD Bank is no exception. Collections departments bring in a significant amount of revenue for banks, with the new legislation collections departments must now have a centralized manner of documenting accounts as customers are now entitled upon request copies of all records and documentation regarding their financial accounts. The more time a collector has to spend documenting and on the telephones the less money can be collected which results in less revenue for the bank.
TD will continue to put their strategic plan into motion by enhancing its operational plans. The bank understands the more it invests in the personal development (PDP) into their internal stakeholders the larger the band will evolve. The employees will now be the real live commercials for the bank. Employee engagement leads to customer retention and...

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