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Running head: Operations Mgmt. for Managers

Quality Assurance and Statistical Process Control

OPM 500
Module 4 Case

Quality at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Corporation
I will give a brief introduction about Ritz-Carlton in 1927, Edward N. Wyner, a local Boston real estate developer, was asked by Mayor Curley to build a world-class hotel.  Wyner, who was constructing an apartment building and was up to the second floor at the time, agreed and changed the apartment building into a hotel, because of the reputation of Ritz in Europe and the cosmopolitan society in Boston, Wyner knew the Ritz-Carlton name would secure immediate ...view middle of the document...

Micheii (2008) while the data is helpful in understanding an individual guest's relationship with the brand, the data is only as good as the staff's willingness to leverage it to create ongoing, memorable and unique experiences for the guest. For all the organizational initiatives directed at "putting the customer first," "driving customer loyalty" and "developing consumer evangelists," customer engagement remains elusive. In fact, according to NPD Group, a market research company, almost 50 percent of the consumers who described themselves as highly loyal to a brand were no longer loyal to that brand a year later. Ritz-Carlton maintain customer loyalty by not leaving it solely to technology, such as complex CRM databases, but instead making loyalty and customer engagement an integral part of each employee's daily focus and communicating about it daily( Micheii (2008).

Micheii (2008) The Ritz-Carlton leadership begins a dialogue to drive behavior about the significance of "customer experiences" and "customer loyalty" that starts even before an employee has been selected for the job. During the interview and selection process, Ritz-Carlton executives continually reinforce the message that they are looking only for individuals who possess the highest level of service talent. By "talent," they are referring to measurable personality characteristics that reflect the prospective employee's capacity to empathize infer, communicate. Once selected but not hired new staff members are required to go through orientation before they can begin their job responsibilities. No employee is ever allowed to start work without going through orientation. Senior leadership attends every orientation to welcome new hires into the Ritz-Carlton family. During the selection process, hiring managers note the preferences of every applicant. At orientation, directors of learning incorporate the preferences in a way that demonstrates the three steps of Ritz-Carlton service extend a warm welcome, Anticipate and fulfill stated and unstated needs and provide a fond farewell (Micheii (2008).

I think the Ritz-Carleton has proved that there goal is to provide quality service instead of it just being a slogan starting with the hiring of employees. Reiss (2011) stated"During the selection process," one new hire said, "They must have asked me about my favorite snack because at orientation I received my spicy nachos and freshly squeezed mango juice. I was wowed, especially when the chef delivered it. It was all so excellent, and then I realized how I can impact other people by just paying attention to details about them." It is through such experiences at orientation that new hires appreciate the outcomes leadership wants staff to offer guests. Those outcomes are easily identified in the words of The Ritz- Carlton Credo which states: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is a place where the genuine care and comfort of our guests is our highest mission. We pledge...

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