Opposing Casinos In Penang Essay

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Opposing Casinos in Penang
Over the recent years, gambling has been defined as wagering of something with value on the aftermath of an event governed by an unavoidable segment of prospect for a reward with capital value, Gainsbury et al (2006). In addition to that, Eaves (2001) defined gambling as:
“A simple definition of gambling would be, desiring the possession or possessions of another (prize) the gambler creates a risk (that of losing his own possession) in an attempt through chance to gain the possession or possessions of another with nothing given in exchange… It may be five thousand or five dollars, it may be fifty cents or one cent — the principle is the same, only the amount ...view middle of the document...

The statement is based on the monetary contributions to the economy made by the Resort World Genting in Pahang, Malaysia.
The gambling industry relates to the tourism industry due to the increasing growth in size and number of casinos and other related developments that have had a sufficient amount of impact towards tourism. Veritably, glamorous high-end tourist destination resorts have been closely associated with casinos. Examples of such resorts are Marina Bay Sands Casino and Resort World Sentosa Casino in Singapore.
Furthermore, in the past few years, according to the online website The Tourism Company (2008), many casinos have been established and licensed for the direct purpose of encouraging tourism developments such as in the United States and Australia. Their report also stated that the main goal of such enterprises was to bring in a higher proportion of global visitors and additional income towards the local economy. The online report supported their statement with an example of a casino located in the Gold Coast of Australia which has been successful in attracting premium players from the regions in South East Asia. The potential to use casinos as a major boost for tourism development is dependent on an array of characteristics and traits as well as considerations that include the type of development, the legal and competitive environment and the location.
However, on February 15th 2014, during a press conference, the Chief Minister of Penang, Mr. Lim Guan Eng ruled out the idea of approving a casino in the state. In the statement made, the Chief Minister of Penang asserted his disapproval of the idea of a casino in the island state because the establishment of casinos pose far more danger to society when compared to meeting tourist desires for gambling and vice. He stated that “even though the economic benefits from casinos are multiplied manifold, the social and spiritual cost is too heavy and high for our multi-cultural and diverse society to bear”. The opposition was made although most Penang residents are apparently on board with the idea based on the result of a survey conducted by the State Tourism Board.
Although there are already several casinos in Penang located on cruise ships such as the LTH Cruise and the Star: Libra Cruise that caters to casinos on the deck. Besides that, Malaysia already has a famous gambling industry located in Pahang known as the Resort World Genting. In 2007, the Genting Highlands Resort won the World’s Leading Casino Resort Award and Asia’s Leading Casino Resort title conferred by the World Travel Awards. Furthermore in 2013, the Genting Malaysia Bhd announced that they are allocating a huge RM5 billion for further development of their hilltop casino. The Genting Malaysia chairman and CEO, Lim Kok Thay said, “We are confident that the Genting Integrated Tourism Plan (GITP) will be a major contributor towards helping the ECER fulfil its target of attracting investments of RM110 billion and...

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