Opposing Views On The Death Penalty In The U.S

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I choose the Death Penalty as my topic because I think that it's one of the most important and most debated issue today. All people have their own views on this issue, some are for it, while others are against it. But I didn't think I knew enough about it, so I decided to do a research paper on this topic.I already knew some things about the death penalty. First off, all it takes a very long period of time after the court decision until the execution, some thing like ten years or even longer. There are also different ways of execution. One method is the Electric Chair; This is when they put a person on a chair, which is connected to the high voltage. Guards strap his hands, legs, and head to ...view middle of the document...

S.A. After that, I went to the school's library and asked the librarian if she could help me. She told me to look in the big red book called "Issues and Controversies on File." I found an article about my subject in there, this article gave me most of the information I needed about my topic. After I found all this, I didn't think I would need anymore sources, but just in case I went to the library and checked out couple of books. After I read one of them I saw that it had the same information as the article, but in the book it was just stated four times longer. I decided not to use the book that much.The only problem I had was that I didn't know where to start in the beginning. After I got past that the rest of the search just kind of fell in to it's place. So it wasn't really hard for me to find any of the material I needed.After I read all the material, I found out that the Death Penalty issue is bigger than I thought. I know that it was a slow process but I didn't know how slow. "Currently, only about 2% of all people on the death row are executed each year" (Hoover 170). "For every inmate executed, there are 50 or more sentenced to die" (Hoover 173). This problem happens mostly because of the endless appeals. (Appeal is the transfer of a capital case from lower to the higher court for new hearing.) "Capital cases rarely come to closure within a decade because they are repeatedly appealed, first in the states, then in federal courts, and subsequently dragged out even longer by habeas-corpus appeals" (Hoover 173). For these reasons, putting an inmate to death is a long and difficult process.The Death Penalty is not just slow, it is also very expensive. "Capital cases cost at least $2.6 million per execution" (Ortman 5). It's much more expensive for the state to keep a prisoner on the death row than in prison for life because of constant and long drown appeals for which court has to appoint attorneys for the poor.Even with all whose long lasting appeals innocent people still get executed. "Bedau and Radelet claimed to discover 139 cases of innocent persons who were sentenced to death since 1900" (Hook 92). Many of people don't even care too much about this. They don't mind that innocent person is going to die as long as more guilty people will die. "According to a June 1995 Gallup poll, 57% of respondents say they would favor the Death Penalty, even if one out of 100 people sentenced to death were actually innocent" (Hoover 174).All this issues divided people into two groups. The first group are the supporters of the Death Penalty. This group thinks that death row is too long and the process takes too long. "Legislation aimed at curbing the number of inmate appeals is also pending in Congress as a part of a sweeping antiterrorism bill. This bill includes measures that would allow death-row convicts in most states to file only one habeas- corpus petition" (Hoover 173).(Habeas-corpus is one of a variety of writs that may be issued to bring a...


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