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Opt To Adopt Essay

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October 21, 2013

Opt to Adopt
Seldom in life anyone not chose, desire or opt for someone or something. Opt in adopt comes from optare (“Online Etymology”), Latin for “choose or desire”. Furthermore, the desire to have a child is inversely proportional to the biological ability to produce one’s own. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to have a child that they can call their own, but they can adopt a child. Adoption can make a tremendous change in a person’s life, weather it is for a child being adopted or the adult. It could give new opportunity for children and allow to have a second chance at living a normal life.
Adoption, until the late 1800’s, has always been an ...view middle of the document...

These arrangements sometimes referred to as “cooperative adoption”, can range from informal, mutual understandings between the birth and adoptive families to written, formal contracts (Gov).
This is the beneficial thing because it gives opportunity to the birth parents to visit their child, but also giving the child the choice to decide this. Since that is legal process, this gives the birth parents the right to choose an adoptive family (Hermana). Another thing that has changed since the late 1800’s are the nnew types of adoptions. There is now a system of foster care, which can take a child out of a dangerous situation and place them in a home with their relatives or a complete stranger. This “temporary adoption” allows immediate benefit to the child, while also giving the foster family a chance to see what it is like to have a child. In permanent adoption, a child is either removed from a situation or an orphanage in order to give it a better life.
Even though adoption is a legal process, it is mostly a commitment to an emotional bond. There are some reasons why people adopt, including: infertility, risk of disease, saving a child, or a particular lifestyle choice (Amjera). Every child needs a loving family, so he can properly develop.
More recently, The United States has seen an inflow of adopted children from international regions. Most of them from Guatemala or China (Gov). China has a huge economy based on child labor in sweat shops (Shapira). This income doesn’t even allow to buy enough food. In Guatemala more than half of the population live below the poverty line (Herman).Its hard for kids afford the school uniforms, supplies and transportation....

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