Optimism And Health Essay

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Optimism has been long been thought to have a positive effect on a persons physical and psychological health. Cancer patient’s families sometimes do not agree with the doctor giving an allotted time for life expectancy, because they feel like they are telling the patient to give up, when in some cases the will to survive outlasted the sickness, and the patient lived a long time after the death date given. Humans tend to be optimistic creatures especially when it comes to the successfulness of live, and acquiring any sort of major health issue. One way to test these theories is for scientists to conduct researches.
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The patients were measured for height, weight, marital status, drug and alcohol abuse, diabetes and medications. Even after everything was taken into consideration the researchers still felt that people with the highest levels of optimism, had the lowest blood pressure levels.
Not only is optimism good for blood pressure and the heart, but also on overall health. A study conducted over a 2 year span on optimism and overall health, resulted in positive people enjoying life and putting effort toward staying healthy a lot more often then their pessimistic peers. Another study done over a 30 year period showed that optimism was linked to eight different levels of physical health.
The above researchers have shown that optimism is linked to physical health, but it has also been linked with psychological well being too. Another 30 year study, done in the 1960’s, supported the link between optimism and mental health by testing a group of people to see if they were optimistic or pessimistic and then retesting later on in life. The results showed that the morality rate rose about 19% for every 10 point increase on the pessimistic test. Optimists have greater persistence and strive for a successful life without giving up as easy as a pessimist. In a study done on...

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