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Optimistic Person Essay

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Interpreting “Love” and “The Kiss”
In the book Patterns for College Writing: A Rhetorical Reader and Guide, there are two sculptures that depict different meanings of the same word, love. The first sculpture “The Kiss” was created by the artist Auguste Rodin. It shows two naked people kissing in a passionate embrace. The second sculpture “LOVE” was created by the artist Robert Indiana, and it shows the four letters, L-O-V-E, stacked in a square. “The Kiss” either implies that people can have love for just a moment in time, or that it is showing how two people express their love for one another. In this case, it was be implying love more than lust, but the depiction is left to the viewer. ...view middle of the document...

“LOVE” is only the four letters L-O-V-E stacked. The viewer could have a wide range of thoughts when looking at it. There are many types of love including: significant other, family, friends, religious, or even love for an animal. It could be love for the moment, a year, or a lifetime. In addition to that, the statue has the letters stacked; they are not in a straight line. The artist could have meant that love helps people to build their lives, or that they can grow from love. The letters not being in a straight line tells the viewers that love is not straight; there are mountains to climb and obstacles to get over. But at the end, love sticks together, like the four letters in Indiana’s sculpture. Love is the building block of life, and it helps people to build lasting relationships. The artist seems to feel that a person cannot depict love in a picture or sculpture, rather the visual rhetoric meaning of the sculpture is shown when a person sees the word, and he feels whatever comes to him. This sculpture only reflects the word love, but he left the imagination up to his viewers. Some viewers may think of a passionate moment, but others could imagine numerous different situations.
While “The Kiss” is more specific, “LOVE” is a sculpture with an umbrella meaning that “The Kiss” could fit under. As was stated, there are many types of love; physical love is only one form of it. Since no color is seen, a person could not describe what the artists meant by...

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