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1. What is SRW Package? 
The Report builder Built in package know as SRW Package (Sql Report Writer) This package extends reports, Control report execution, output message at runtime, Initialize layout fields, Perform DDL statements used to create or Drop temporary table, Call User Exit, to format width of the columns, to page break the column, to set the colors Ex: SRW.DO_SQL, It’s like DDL command, we can create table, views, etc.

2. What is SRW package and some procedures in SRW?
It is the standard reports package and it has many procedures like USER_EXITS, DO_SQL, RUN_REPORT, MESSAGE,TRACE, BREAK, SET_ATTR.

3. Where in reports do you set the context information (like org_id)?
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PRINTJOB Is whether the Print Job dialog box should appear before the report is run.
THOUSANDS Is the symbol for the thousand's indicator (e.g., ",").

6. How can you print barcodes in oracle reports?
By installing the Barcode Font and using the Chart field in the Layout.

7. What are Format triggers?
Format triggers enable you to modify the display of objects dynamically at run time or to suppress display altogether for Headings, repeating frames, field and boilerplate object. Example:
i) To format the max (Sal) for particular department.
ii) To format the Sal column with a Dollar ($) prefix.
iii) To format Date formats….etc

8. What is Data Model?
Data Model is logical group of the Report Objects through query and Data model tools. Once query is compiled report automatically generates group. The queries build the groups and then Groups are used to populate the report. The only function of queries in report is to create the groups. The Report Editor's Data Model view enables you to define and modify the data model objects for a report. 
9. How do you call a concurrent program or another report from a report?
We can use FND_SUBMIT.REQUEST() to call a concurrent program from a report. Use SRW.RUN_REPORT() to run a report directly without registering it as a concurrent program.

10. What is Layout model?
Layout Model is to physically arrange Data model group objects on the Report. The Report Editor's Layout Model view enables you to define and modify the layout model objects for a report. In this view, objects and their property settings are represented symbolically to highlight their types and relationships.

11. What is Live Previewer? 
The Live Previewer is a work area in which you can preview your report and manipulate the actual or live data at the same time. In the Live Previewer you can customize reports interactively, meaning that you can see the results immediately as you make each change.
To activate buttons in the Live Previewer, you must display the report output in the Runtime Previewer. In order to edit your report, such as changing column size, move columns, align columns insert page numbers, edit text, change colors, change fonts set format masks, insert field the Live Previewer must be in Flex Mode.

12. What is Parameter Form 
The Parameter Form view is the work area in which you define the format of the report's Runtime Parameter Form. To do this, you define and modify parameter form objects (fields and boilerplate).When you run a report, Report Builder uses the Parameter Form view as a template for the Runtime Parameter Form. Fields and boilerplate appear in the Runtime Parameter Form exactly as they appear in the Parameter Form view. If you do not define a Runtime Parameter Form in the Parameter Form view, Report Builder displays a default Parameter Form for you at runtime.

13. What are user exits in reports and name a few?
User exits provided a way to pass control from Reports Builder to a...

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