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Oral Presentation Essay

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I am going to talk today about whether Australia should support a carbon tax, in which I will argue for the implementation of the tax in our law.

A carbon tax; a form of carbon pricing, taxes the amount of carbon burnt that is present in fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas by environmental carbon dioxide polluters.

The purpose of a carbon tax is that it is used as a financial disincentive towards Australian businesses who emit carbon dioxide into the Earth's atmosphere. A carbon tax will require these polluters to pay a charged legal fee based on the amount of carbon dioxide that they release from burnt fossil fuels into the atmosphere.

One of the big concerns about the implementation of a carbon tax is the adverse economic and financial effects that might carry over to not only major Australian businesses but also Australian households. However, some of the profits earned from carbon taxes are provided to the polluters ...view middle of the document...

27 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide is emmited every year. Already we are seeing the big polluting countries such as Britain leading the way in carbon pollution reduction. This is according to a recent report by the Australian Productivity Comission released last Thursday. The report compared eight of the worlds biggest polluting countries actions on reducing their carbon dioxide emissions. According to the report summary, a carbon price or tax is the most cost-effective way to reduce emissions and Australia needs to increase its price per tonne of carbon output in order to join the frontrunners in the unified effort in carbon emission reduction.

A carbon tax is one of the many Federal policies that can be implemented in order to reduce the amount of the carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions present in the atmosphere. By lowering the total content of the carbon dioxide emissions, the negative effects of these emissions on climate change can be prevented on a global scale, but only if enough of the total carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. That is why a unified global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, specifically carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas and investments in renewable and nuclear energies is a major long-term goal for many big polluting countries around the world.

A Climate Commission report recently proved without a doubt that climate change and global warming is occurring, with a plethora of the worlds leading scientists stating that sea levels are expected to rise in the next 100 years, causing greater flooding in coastal regions. This is alarming considering that more than half of the total global population is located in those areas. It has already been proven through studies that global warming has very negative effects on fragile environments and can damage the balance of ecosystems. It is clearly evident that the climate skeptics already fear-mongering and flimsy arguments have been silenced once again by this dampening report. It is also evident that one of the most instrumental ways in lowering carbon emissions and ergo, reducing the negative effects of global warming is by use of a carbon tax Federal policy.
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