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Ordinary People Essay

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After Beth left it wasn’t easy for the boys to adjust without her, but they managed to deal with it the best they could. Its not easy being without a mother and a brother but there isn’t much I cant deal with in life if I’ve already over come my biggest accomplishments in life by forgiving myself and my mother. Conrad and Calvin’s relationship grew stronger and stronger each day that Beth was not around.
Meanwhile, Beth had gone on her way and traveled to Europe by herself. Beth thought it was the best thing she could do for herself, and quite frankly she didn’t care too much about the boys anymore. She thought it was the best thing to do, to isolate her from them and to forget all her ...view middle of the document...

A very tall man accidently stepped on the back of her heel, so, Beth turned around with mean glare, but before she spoke a word, she looked into his eyes and her face turned from a frown to a smile just like that. Beth was very much attracted to this man, and the man was very much attracted to her. “Paul” he spoke. “Beth, nice to meet you.” “Sorry for stepping on your heel”. It was weird for Beth not to have an attitude towards someone who did something to her she did not like. “Don’t worry about it, Paul.” Beth and Paul ordered their coffees and sat down next to each other to talk for a while. Beth went into the coffee shop expecting to be 5 minutes; she then left an hour and a half later. Should I feel guilty for talking to another man? Beth didn’t know what to think. Beth is technically single, but she doesn’t feel it, considering she had been married to Calvin for numerous of years. Beth was torn. Beth and Paul planned to meet up for dinner the next day.
Beth went back to the hotel after her long day and thought long and hard if being in Europe away from Con and Cal was the best thing to be doing. She thought being alone and doing things away from them would change her, but she could be mistaken. ...

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