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23 May 2011
Cesar Chavez: The Man Who Fought for the Farm Workers of America.

Cesar Chavez led by his desire to secure a better quality of life for migrant farm workers, he helped found the United Farm Workers of America, the first effective farm workers’ union in the United States. Under his leadership of nonviolent protest, Chavez was one of the first pioneers defending the rights of the migrant farm workers. Chavez through the marches wanted state government to pass laws, which would permit farm workers to organize into a union and allow collective bargaining agreements. He tried to make people aware of the struggles of farm workers for better pay and ...view middle of the document...

To survive, they picked wild greens in the fields and caught fish from the canals (Young 80). From having to travel from one crop field to another crop field, Chavez attended more than thirty different schools up to eight grade until he finally gave up his pursuit for an education because he had to help support his family. The life of Chavez and his family as migrant farm workers was not easy; working on the farm was very difficult, and they suffered discrimination and social injustice. They had to work very long hours for less than minimum wages, and they often had no sanitary facilities and little clean water to drink. Farm workers suffered much, and they were not treated with respect or dignity. Chavez and his family worked very hard on the farms, but they made little money, and everyone in the family had to work, even the children. To make things worse, sometimes the men in charge of the farm were cheating them by stealing money from their wages. Years later, when Cesar grew up, he served as volunteer in the United States Navy. Cesar, like many American men and women, served in the military to fight for freedom and to protect the people of the United States. Two years later, he returned home and married his girlfriend, Helen. After a short time, they moved to San Jose, California, where they had seven children.
In 1952, life changed for Cesar Chavez when he met a man named Fred Ross. Ross believed that if people worked together, they could make their community better. Ross hired Chavez to work for him in the Community Service Organization (CSO). Ross was to become the mentor and main influence on Chavez’s future. Ross had shown him the way by which the farm laborers and Mexican-Americans could help themselves. The Community Service Organization worked to help people. Cesar worked to bring people together to identify problems and find ways to solve their problems. Cesar Chavez, Fred Ross, and the Community Service Organization helped people learn how to vote. They also taught people that community leaders had to respect voters. Within several months Chavez was a full time organizer with the Community Service Organization, coordinating voter registration drivers, battling racial and economic discrimination against Chicano residents. After helping many people, Chavez started reading everything that had to do with labor and civil rights movements. Later, he left the Community Service Organization to help farm workers gain the respect and dignity they deserved by getting more involved in union building. In 1962, Cesar Chavez moved to Delano, California, where he proposed to start his farm workers union. After a while, Chavez realized that the efforts of the earlier farm union organizers had failed because they had launched major strikes before they had a strong organization behind them. Since he envisioned a union that would also extend many social welfare benefits to its members such as overtime pay and unemployment insurance, Chavez planned...

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