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Organisational Behaviour Essay

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This assignment requires me to choose an organised group I currently belong to and uses examples from situations that have occurred to explain the relationship between organisational structure and culture. The work-based organisational group I have chosen to use, as a base for the forthcoming answers of this assignment, is my current occupational role as an Assistant Branch Manager for the London Wembley Branch of commercial vehicle rental company, A1 National Van Hire UK Ltd. My organisational group consists of 7 vehicle drivers, 1 head driver and my superior, the Branch Manager.
A1 National Van Hire UK Ltd is an independent company specialising in commercial vehicles ...view middle of the document...

(IBAM RDI 2011) Their model is based on a repetitive cycle they believe every corporate organisation uses, beginning with organisational values, which include anything that has personal values or meanings that when shared, produces beliefs. When these beliefs are shared, this leads to the next stage where organisational beliefs are formed using assumptions of the organisation and the industrial situation it is in to portray organisational norms. The next part of this cycle involves using these portrayed norms to create consequential, expected modes of behaviour specific to the beliefs and values presented earlier. As these norms are integrated further, they provide guidelines for suggested individual and group behaviour. This is where the next stage begins, as organisational opinions, the way a person believes they should react either for or against something and organisational attitudes, the tendencies an organisation presents of how to behave in a certain way to objects, people or in particular situations, are moulded to produce outcomes that reinforce the shared values and beliefs presented at the beginning of the cycle.
In terms of the work-based organisational group that I belong to, I decided to attempt to strengthen the validity of Middlemist & Hitt’s theory by applying their model to my occupational role as an Assistant Branch Manager of A1 National Van Hire UK to see if I could determine what situations occurred in each stage of the culture cycle. In doing this, I found that the organisational culture of my organisational group was of a modern nature as technology such as computing and rental-booking software played a vital role in the functionality of the business. In terms of service, it was a fast-paced environment as the driving employees were under constant pressure to deliver vehicles to specified areas of London and surrounding areas by a specific time. Organisational values and beliefs of A1 Van Hire UK include being a reputable and honest company that tries to compensate for almost everyone’s commercial vehicle needs. Our organisational opinions and attitudes are heavily based on our principles of hiring a van being like hiring an actual person to join someone else’s workforce. Therefore, every van must be in the best condition it can be in and be effective to what tasks need to be completed. This is like hiring a person who must come equipped correctly in order to carry out the task at hand. These principles create organisational norms that A1 Van Hire UK implements, such as professional behaviour and high quality vehicles as all vehicles are between 6 months of age and brand spanking new, directly from the manufacturer, all in all creating a premium level of quality in customer service.
We need to take into consideration the various factors that might influence the development and maturation of an organisation’s culture. These factors are the various types of culture that are being depicted. The different types of...

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