Organizaiton Learning And Learning Organization Essay

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In this competitive knowledge based economy, gaining the latest knowledge and make some change to adapt to the environment are seen as a key to an organization’s success. In order to make a change when it needed and wanted, an organization must be able to learn. Learning is a vital part of absorbing knowledge. The denotation to the successful combined planning, development and execution of these strategies leading to value creation is organizational learning and knowledge management (Zoe, 2003). Along with this trend, an increasing number are put more focus on the organizational learning. Argyris and Schon (1978) viewed organizational learning is a learning process of observing ...view middle of the document...

An increasing numbers of western scholars turn to study the theory of organizational learning and they give a variety of definition to organizational learning, as the concept of organizational learning still be developed, therefore it still have not consistent common on the definition of organizational learning(Gilbert and Bettina,1997).

Cyert and March (1963) first mentioned the words” organizational learning “in their book, and is often seen as the foundation work of organizational learning. They provide the view of organization could learn. They proposed a general theory of organizational learning and viewed that organizational learning is a part of the decision making by a firm. Organizational learning put much emphasize on detecting external effects such like the environment change and the risks that will affect the results of the consequences. It can be defined as the firm finds the way to adapt to the change of environment in order to lead to the positive result.
Cangelosi and Dill (1965) suggested that Cyert and March‘s model has some limitations. They consider that model only suit for the stable circumstance but not the dynamics environment. They provide a model of based on the tensions between organization learning and individual learning (Argyris and Schon, 1978).
Argyris and Schon (1978) gave a definition to “organizational learning” in their book. It was defined as a learning process of detecting and correcting the error. It is a process for a dynamic decision making to react to the changes in the internal environment of the organization.When there is a gap between the expectation result and the reality consequence; organizational learning is to learn from the experience and seek a routine to overcome the gap.
Duncan and Weiss (1979) argued that organizational learning is the procedure to recognize the influence that come from the environment, and then develop the relationship between action and outcomes.
Fiol &Lyles(1985)considered that through better understanding the knowledge come from their surroundings, the organization can improve their actions and start to assess strategies, that is organizational learning . Levitt and March (1988) viewed organizational learning as a target-oriented, history-dependent, and routine-based process through learning from individuals’ experience. Huber (1991) presented that organizational learning is to process the information to change the potential behavior, this procedure include 4 main views: knowledge acquisition, information distribution, information interpretation and knowledge creation. Organizational learning is collective thinking and it can create a shared frame of knowledge. It not emphasized on the individual learning. It emphasized on making changes driven by collectively agreed individual knowledge structures (Walsh, 1995).

The difference between individual learning and organizational learning
Since there has no integrated theory of organizational learning,...

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