Organization Behavior Essay

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Organizational Behavior

Tracy Webb, J.D.
August 15, 2011

This paper will discuss the meaning of Organizational Behavior and understanding human behavior. I will discuss Organizational Behavior within the Criminal Justice Agency and the important elements of Organizational Behavior and how these elements can challenge the effectiveness of an agency. Organizational Behavior is the study of individual behavior and group dynamics in organizations. An article that I read stated that Organizational Behavior is an application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organization. Whatever career and individual choose, the behavior of the human beings tends to ...view middle of the document...

An important element in the Criminal Justice agency that relates to Organizational Behavior would be the ability to formulate a purpose and mission for the agency. After the purpose and mission has been established, the Criminal Justice agencies need to strategize to fulfill the purpose and mission. A diverse workforce and cultural diversity is another element of Organizational Behavior. Workforce diversity encompasses all forms of differences among individuals, including culture, gender, age, ability, religion, personality, social status, and sexual orientation. The attention to diversity increased because of the change in the population. Managers in the different agencies, such as organizations, companies, criminal justice system, and correctional system feel that dealing with diversity successful is a paramount concern for two reason, managers need to find ways to motivate diverse work groups.
Managers also need to know how to communicate effectively with employees who have different values and language skills. The effectiveness of Organizational Behavior in the Criminal Justice agency is being able to provide organization activities and to assess performance. Agencies need to evaluate the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies, criminal courts, correctional system, and the criminal justice organizations. Evaluating effectiveness requires more than just collecting and analyzing crime statistics. Gauging effectiveness knows the agency’s goals, purpose, mission, and valid performance for determining the extent to which it achieved these objectives.
Cultural Diversity in companies and the Criminal Justice agency has grown because of the globalization of business. Many people of diverse national origins find themselves cooperating in teams to perform the work of the organization. The Criminal Justice System and Correctional agencies also form teams in order to fulfill a task because of the high crime rate. Criminal Justice agencies deals with culture diversity internal and externally. A Criminal Justice agency remains dynamic in...

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