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Minimum pricing set on alcohol can help reduce binge drinking but can affect other areas that are complementary or inferior. This can have a great effect on criminal activity and also employment in the areas. Complementary areas include pubs, clubs, off licences and many more events that involve alcohol. By setting a price ceiling this will make going to these places more costly making the demand for these to decrease. This may resort in the closure of smaller run organisation such as the local pub that serves its local community, thus having a knock on affect.
Inferior goods include consumption of illegal drugs or criminal activity to get the alcohol for ...view middle of the document... There were several surveys carried out how alcohol price influences its consumption. Each survey lead to the same result- if alcohol price is increased, its consumption decreases, but different social groups are differently affected by that. Some reviews show that the most affected group of increased prices of alcohol is young people- college or university students, but wealthy, employed or heavy drinkers are not affected by alcohol price changes so effectively. On the other, hand biggest percentage of binge drinking is among young people. Conclusions are obvious if minimum price is set, binge drinking is reduced. 'In the UK, a 10% increase in price is estimated to reduce demand for beer by about 5% (for drinking on the premises) or about 10% (in off licences), for wine by about 8%, and for spirits by about 13%.' ( Number of health problems was decreased because of increased alcohol prices. For example Chesson and colleagues paid attention on sexually transmitted disease rate related to alcohol consumption related to its price and has gone to a conclusion that alcohol price affects percentage of diseases strongly. ( Markowitz research showed that one percent increase in alcohol price would decrease men abused by wives number by 5.3 percent. ( There were more researches which results showed implication of price to numbers of accidents, robberies, driving not sober, or deaths related to alcohol consumption.

The Home Office is doing a research what influence, if any, can a minimum price have on alcohol related crime and disorder, also its implications for health.

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Of course, by implementing a minimum price on alcohol there would be both positive and negative effects on the rest of society. For instance, with the price of alcohol being higher, it is probable that there would also be an increase in thefts, as those dependent on alcohol would not be able to afford it anymore so would turn to crime instead. However, crimes such as drink driving and assaults would be expected to fall as the level of consumed would drop, which is a positive effect from the proposed action. Having less alcohol related crimes would also mean a large decrease in Government spending on binge drinking, a figure which at the moment is astronomical. In 2003 it was estimated that £20 billion was being spent annually to deal with binge drinking ( and since then binge drinking in the UK has only got worse, therefore this figure...

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