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Organization Can Be Successful Whrn There Is Match Between Organizational Culture, Economic Sector And Leadership Style

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The adequate style of leadership for the organization is that matches best the “nature of the job; preferences of the followers; the leader’s attitude and the situation at a point in time” for the particular organization (Kurfi,A.,2009). Nevertheless, none predesigned in theory leadership style could be pointed immediately as a universal solution for achieving employee satisfaction and productivity in any given organization and period in time. Widely perceived criteria for management effectiveness is the achievement of company’s goals – profitability, market share, brand recognition etc. On the other hand, each organization, comprising of indefinite variety of individuals, is assumed unique ...view middle of the document...

, 2007). This sub-category of classical approach emerged in the period of industrial revolution and materialization of new technologies. F.W. Taylor labeled as an inventor the sub-category considers that all working processes can be divided to a set of tasks as each task could be performed in only one appropriate way in terms of quality and time consumed, i.e. there is a scientifically derived method for every job (Taylor, F., 1947). Taylor supported the idea of full control over the fork force, many managerial levels and detailed control over work process (Cloke, K., Goldsmith, J., 2002). Classical approach and its two major sub-categories: “scientific management” and “bureaucracy” are ignorant to the important influence of the level of job satisfaction of company’s employees over their performance together with their individual incentives, perceptions and motivation factors. “The overemphasis on process rather than purpose, fragmented responsibilities and hierarchical control means that it’s all too easy for individual to neglect the larger purposes to which their small effect is being put” ( Caulkin, S., 1988). In the globalizing economy, the need for alternative forms of corporate organization, which could address changes in the environment faster thanks to flatter and decentralized structure and internal exchange of knowledge and ideas, which in terms satisfies the individual need of employees for inventiveness and personal contribution. Despite enormous ground for criticism, in some forms of public sector organizations such as universities and local authorities bureaucracy as managerial and organizational approach will prevail even in current global economic environment (Green, J., 1997). The second major approach to management, organization and structure is human relations approach. The focus is placed on social factors, lack of formalism and consideration for human needs. Organizational structure is ignored. Systems approach reconciles the first two mentioned approaches and focus on company organization as a part of external environment - business as an open system in which change in one part affects all others. “The systems approach encourages managers to view the organization both as a whole and as a part of a larger environment” (Mullins, L., 2007).Fourth major approach emphasizes on dependence of successful organization structure and managerial style on the particular contingencies of the situation in each of it aspects. The latter approach in largest extend confirms the importance of particular situation to the effective combination between company’s structure and leadership style.
Terms management and leadership are often used interchangeable. Leadership is defined “as the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of vision or set of goals” (Robbins, S., Judge, T., 2008). Four conceptual factors are usually related to the company performance: adequate resources, effective leadership, organizational climate of reliance...

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