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Organization Culture And Environment Essay

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The Manager – Symbolic View
The symbolic view of management can be defined as:
“The view that much of an organization’s success or failure is due to external forces outside managers’ control.”
Mobilink’s Perspective:
Mobilink follows the symbolic view of management because the managers believe that apart from manager’s actions, there are some external factors as well that are responsible for the company’s failure or success.
The organizational culture can be defined as:
“The shared values, principles, traditions and ways of doing things that influence the way organizational members act.”
“Degree to which ...view middle of the document...

This shows that Mobilink’s culture promotes and encourages the female workers.

Innovation and Risk taking:
“Degree to which employees are encouraged to be innovative and to take risks”
Mobilink’s Perspective:
Mobilink promote the innovations and risk taking. They have a web portal on which any of the employees can share his/her new ideas. These ideas are actively taken up and shared. They are even applied if they are applicable.
A training session


Employees learn the culture through following ways:
Material Symbols

“Repeated, taken-for-granted behaviors that may have both positive and negative effects for organizations.”
Mobilink’s Perspective:
Mobilink has the culture of “Training by Employees to Employees.”
This means that the senior employees train the new comers and fresh entrants. They teach them about the prevailing culture along with the rules and policies of the company.
There are different teams formed to look out for each department.
There is an Employee Services Team as well.
This team looks out for helping the employees and usually come out with the best solution to help resolve the issue effectively.
It also has Employee Engagement Initiative.
Mobilink arranges different activities for employees board web portal and training. They maintain a special separate hall for training.

Status Symbol:
“The layout of an organization’s facilities, how employees dress, the types of automobiles provided to top executives, and the availability of corporate aircraft are the examples of status symbol. Others include the size of offices, the elegance of furnishings, executive perks, employee fitness center or on-site dinner facilities, and reserved parking spaces for certain employees.”
Mobilink’s Perspective:
The culture of Mobilink includes the different types of automobiles provided to the employees varying from top executives to the lower management.
The organization arranges annual dinners for the employees. Sometimes, occasional dinners are also arranged upon the completion or success of project.
It also provides five-star accommodation to its employees when they are on official tour.
Mobilink though doesn’t have its own aircraft, but it provides either first-class seats or business-class seats to its employees.
There is proper dress-code prescribed for the employees. The men are supposed to wear pants and dress shirt along with tie. There are no restrictions for female employees about their dressings.
All the employees are strictly bound to wear their official identity card; male as well as female.

External factors can be defined as:
“Those factors and forces outside the organization that affect the organization’s performance.”
There are two components of external factors:
Specific environment
General environment

Specific Environment:
“Those external forces that...

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