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Organization & Planned Change Essay

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Organizational Development and Planned Changed
Lashawnda Norris
Everest University Online
MAN 5285 Organizational Development and Change
Dr. Jimmie Flores

Organizational Development and Planned Change
Organizational development is a set of planned-change techniques or interventions designed to improve organization effectiveness and employee well-being (Balzac, 2011).
According to Worren, et al. (1999) stated:
“change management is clearly broader than OD in that it includes a wide range of intervention strategies that may enhance human performance directly or indirectly, including process consultation, work restructuring, strategic HRM planning, and the design or ...view middle of the document...

Whereas firms in the past could build best practices domestically, this is much more difficult to achieve in a global marketplace where best practices are constantly developed and refined, and may be geared towards certain cultural elements. Only through a process of constant organizational development can a company keep pace with the changes in the global environment. Firms that do not recognize the importance of organizational development because they operate in mature markets may find that foreign competition wins their market share, and they are unable to adapt to the challenges (Worren et al., 1999).
According to Ramirez (1994), “organizational development is a process in which the goal is to help organizations achieve greater effectiveness. The main focus of organizational development is on improving the total system so that the organization, its sub-groups, and its members have a greater ability to assess and solve their own problems. This process is based on behavioral-science knowledge and practices, and it involves the creation and management of change. Organizational development activities must consider both micro-concepts, such as leadership, group dynamics, and work design, and the macro-concepts of the organization's strategic planning, structure, and environmental relations”.
The emphasis of each type of change and its relevance in today’s business environment help individuals review change within themselves by using six types of organizational change strategies. According to Ferrera (2013), “transformation occurs when leaders create a strategic vision for transformation because of dynamic changes in the marketplace and the external environment. The need for business transformation arises when there are challenges in fulfilling the organizational purpose and questions arise about the validity of the existing system, beliefs, assumptions, patterns, habits, and paradigms. Transformation happens when the people managing the organizational system focus on defining a new vision and creating a new future for the company. It is based on continual learning, developing new mindsets, and thinking about and adopting new approaches rather than repeating old methodologies” (p. 201 ¶ 3).
In integrated strategic change model, we have in-depth knowledge of the internal and external environment, the model enables the smooth transitioning of the business entity from its current status to its desired status (Cummings & Worley, 2009).
Ferrera (2013) also states:
“Integrated strategic planning is iterative in nature, as it evaluates every phase of strategic planning and provides feedback. It is also participative, so members of the company are requested to provide feedback either in meetings or through surveys for strategic change planning. Leadership scans the internal and external environments and studies the cross-dimensional impacts, because strategic change planning affects the overall operation of a company” (p. 202 ¶ 3).

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