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Organizational Analysis Microsoft

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Organizational Analysis
Microsoft is a technology leader focused on helping people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.
Microsoft Vision
According to the Microsoft web page global diversity and inclusion are integral parts of Microsoft’s vision, strategy and business success. In essence is the recognition of the fact that leadership in the global market place requires a corporate culture and business environment where the best and brightest diverse minds with varied perspectives, skills and experience work together to meet the consumers demand. This culture attracts, develop and retain the best talents out there. It also aids Microsoft to be more innovative in ...view middle of the document...

Microsoft Today
* World’s largest producer of software for PCs and other devices
* Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports its broad line of products
* Microsoft has offices in more than 80 countries
* Microsoft push the boundaries of what is possible through a broad range of research and development activities that seek to anticipate the changing demands of customers, industry trends, and competitive forces.[5]
Microsoft serves to do the following:
1. Establish and preserve management accountability to Microsoft's owners by appropriately distributing rights and responsibilities among Microsoft Board members, managers, and shareholders.
2. Provide a structure through which management and the Board set objectives and monitor performance.
3. Strengthen and safeguard the culture of business integrity and responsible business practices.
4. Encourage the efficient use of resources, and to require accountability for stewardship of those resources.[5]
Leadership: Shareholders elect the Board to oversee management and to assure that shareholder long-term interests are served. Through oversight, review, and counsel, the Board establishes and promotes Microsoft's business and organizational objectives. The Board oversees the Company's business affairs and integrity, works with management to determine the Company's mission and long-term strategy, performs the annual Chief Executive Officer evaluation, oversees CEO succession planning, establishes internal control over financial reporting, and assesses company risks and strategies for risk mitigation. [5]
Core Competencies and Competitive Advantages
* Employee empowerment and compensation
* Customer Support – Microsoft Knowledge Base
* Digital Nervous System
* Large installed product base
* No close competitors for the desktop operating system market
* Microsoft’s Active Directory provides functionality throughout its server products thus simplifying management
* Many of its products are considered the standard by information technology managers (Office, Exchange, SQL, etc.)
* $50B+ cash reserve
Microsoft Business Strategy
Microsoft is currently working with the following strategy:
* Development, and introduction of a wide variety of new software products
* Achievement of market acceptance of these products
* Constant enhancement of existing products
* Focus on satisfying customer requirements
Microsoft generates its revenue by developing, licensing and supporting a wide range of software products and services. These include the cloud based services, designing and selling of smart phones, tablets and a range of other hardware, and delivering relevant online advertisement to the global audience.
Microsoft Strategic Problems
Microsoft is poised to face the following problems if they continue with their current strategy:
* Slower growth and stagnant stock price—Microsoft’s core...

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