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Organizational Behavior Essay

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These report is part and partial of our organization behavior course. The report is about leadership style of three business leaders where we are supposed to compare and contrast their leadership style. I have chosen 3 business leaders of technology industry. i.e the late Steve Jobs( Former CEO of Apple) , Bill Gates ( CEO of Microsoft) and Narayan Murthy ( Chairman and CEO of Infosys). I have given a brief introduction on leadership and given the various types of leadership styles. On literature review I have discussed on various literatures written by various scholars on the leadership styles of the ...view middle of the document...

Having discussed on leadership we will now have a look at our main focus of the assignment which is leadership style. Leadership style is described as the behavior pattern of a person who tends to influence others. This includes both directive behaviors and supportive behaviors. There are various categories of leadership styles namely:
High Directive-low supportive style. This is a leadership style whereby the leader focuses on goal achievement by communication and spends less time on supportive behaviors. He/she only gives instructions on what and how the goals are to be achieved and only supervises.
High directive- high supportive – As the name suggests this is a leadership style whereby the leader focuses on both achieving the goals and meeting the subordinate’s social emotional needs.
High supportive and low directive style- this is a style where the leaders focus is not necessarily on goals but he/she uses a supportive style that brings out employees skills around the task to be accomplished.
Low directive-low supportive style- Here the leader offers less task inputs and social support to facilitate employees confidence and motivation in reference to the task.
The above are the major leadership styles which most books describe as either transformational, transactional, authentic, autocratic etc. we will take a look at 3 business leaders and compare and contrast their leadership styles which hopefully will give us a clear view on leadership leadership styles and what makes some leaders successful than others.

We will examine what different literatures say about the three business leaders’ style i.e what type of leadership style they posses and how different they are from one another and later compare the literatures and come up with various findings and recommendations.
One of the business leader that we have chosen is the late Steve Job, former CEO of Apple since it was due to him that apple remains to be on of the top companies with very high revenues. we will therefore examine the types of leadership styles that he has. According to the Robert N Lussier he notes that Steve jobs is a very controversial leader in his business. He was described as tough, temperamental, agrressive and a very demanding leader. He would attack employees who make mistake and not meeting employees expectations , he would go ahead and anger employees and even customers.
On the other hand describes steve Jobs that creates an environment that nurtures and enhances the technology based products many of which become successful. According to the article “ “Steve job and management by meaning” by Robert Veghanti notes that his leadership style was one to admire and criticize at the same time. According to the article he had a vertical, top down approach and harsh especially in the launch of a new product. And most of the management theories took him as an exception since was navigating a territory that is often indistinct to management...

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