Organizational Behavior Paper

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Organizational Behavior Paper


Organizational Behavior
Organizational behaviors will always play a significant role in determining an efficient functioning of any organization. We have to have a complete understanding of how the organizational behavior works and to help in the better management of employees/people in any group. Some of the strategies and policies that many organizations adopt will also depend on the organizational behavior. (Kelly, Joe. Organizational behavior) With organizational behavior were emerging employment relations, managing the performance paradox, goal setting, and self-management, discontinuous information processing, ...view middle of the document...

The management team should focus on making sure that there is an existing trust between all employees. Teamwork plays a big part as well and will help to improve employee efficiency. Communication is very crucial because it allows information, conversations, policies and procedures that can be exchanged from the company to the employee and vice verse. Communication allows the employees and organization to be on the same page to lay out rules, ideas and even positive compliments to the employees. The organization should always keep track of all competitors in the market, labor forces and also a reaction of the people to the changes that are always happening in the global market.
Two Divisions
Organizations come in two groups: Informal organization and formal organization. When we look at informal, this does not have a structure that they follow, however, formal does have that structure that they follow. With having structure, the formal organization is dependent, and each employee in different departments have their ideas and objectives that 100% of the time are connected to the organizational goals. Every employee follows structure. Some of the lower level employees will report to a manager then it continues to go up to the person who will make the final decision. The structure if any organization has many different factors such as size, the number of products, skilled and experienced employees and managerial staff.
Technology plays a significant role in the...

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