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Organizational Behaviour: Improving Employee Motivation In Hyperstore

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05 DECEMBER 2008


The report examines the motivation, work life balance and training to develop the employee skills in the hyper store. Hyper store is a leading retail store in UK. Now it is affected by short and long term problems. Due to the problem, the organization facing high turnover, no team work, loss of valuable skills, and less inter-relationship among the workers. The suitable motivation and benefits is solution for this problem. The tips to improve employee motivation is first examined and analysis the motivation and benefits given ...view middle of the document...



Hyper store is one of the leading retail in UK. At, present it facing short and long term problems like high turnover, no relationship among workers, less team work due to lack of motivation, lack of communication and lack of interrelationship. The motivation is only medicine to solve this problem. Increase the employee motivation and their wants. The motivation helps to encourage the employees to work effectively and increase the quality, attitude in the organization. This report focuses some of the leading retail organization like ASDA, Tesco, and Home Base. From this organization, pick the effective motivation ideas followed by them and implement. The right motivation gives right profit to the organization. The organization follows Maslow’s motivation theory to improve the motivation and use the fit model for the organization.



1. Proper induction:
The organization should give proper guidance for the employees when they newly start their job. The manager should explain about the business history and also the goal to achieve it. The employee ideas should be respected to set the goal. There is proper induction day for the new workers.

2. Offer good working environment:
The employees feel comfort in their work and also working place. The good working environment gives good profit for the organization. The place which has all the facilities to work is a good working environment. Keep all the equipment and facilities up to date and it will increase effective work. The good working environment have lighting facilities, air circulation inside the room, maintain the room temperature which is suitable for the employees, proper working space and provide all safety equipments.

3. Advancement:
The organization gives career growth for every employee. The promotion system helps to develop the employee’s skills. If no place for promotion, give new work to develop their career growth. The organization allows the employees for training to get more knowledge about their work.

4. Training and education for the employees:
The organization helps to develop the professional skills for the employees by giving on-the-job training and off-the-job training. Arrange seminars and workshops specially to develop their skills. Support employees by allowing them to further education and it were paid by the organization.

5. Achievement:
Most of the employees want to do the better job. The organization helps them by placing in a good position where their talents was used fully. Set clear, standard and reasonable goal for each position. It should be clearly explained to the employees. The organization gives regular and accurate feedback for each employee to develop their growth. No over load, it reduces the interest in the job among the employees.

6. Don’t forget the fun:
The organization...

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