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In this paper there will be three most significant errors identified made out of all the change stories presented. I will make at least one recommendation for each change story that would have improved the effectiveness of the change process and explain why that recommendation would have altered the outcome of the change process. I will also attribute a change image to the leading managers or directors in each change story and provide an explanation as to why that change image label is appropriate. And finally recommend a different strategy for managing change in each of the one change stories presented and provide a justification for your recommended strategy.
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The CEO must always lead by example. In this particular story, I would like to use the navigator image. This change image label is appropriate because as change manager, Fiorina tried to restructure the business by putting the company into quadrants but could not make that functional. As CEO, one change I would have made is holding weekly meetings to reassure employees the change is positive and that we could all work together to be successful. No success can be made if you don’t have your team behind you. As an executive you must make sure everyone is on one accord. You must work together to achieve your goal.
The next significant error I’m mentioning is the error Kodak made. Kodak did not communicate the vision with the company. Kodak wanted their profit to skyrocket to their specific numbers in a certain timeframe; this meant downsizing, including not only shutting down facilities but mainly job cuts to thousands. How would workers take care of their families? Homes would be lost and workers would no longer be able to uphold financial commitments. Kodak just grazed the surface when attempting to communicate the vision, the goal was a bit blurry to employees. Once change came about, employees had concerns but they were not addressed. Employees later lost their jobs due to downsizing and closing down facilities. This left workers feeling vulnerable. Because of no communication during the change, once they were left without a job this made them feel worthless. You’re left in the dark and then let go. What an organization to work for! I have to use the director image. Carp called all the shots and restructured Kodak the way he thought to be fit. If I had to make a change, I would have focused on trying to make a smooth transition without putting my employees out of a job. Even though I may have downsized, I would have created more jobs within the warehouses that were still open. This way others would have still held a job. You must make sure you take care of your employees as you do your own family.
The last error I’d would like to mention before closing is the error McDonald’s made responding to pressure. McDonald’s error was failure to create urgency. McDonald’s waited until the very last minute to create urgency. Urgency was not created until media was involved. Instead of creating urgency as soon as the film hit the media,...

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