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Organizational Citizenship Essay

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An effective leader adopts the attitude and behavior of being a contributing member of the group. You are all in this together! An EIL leader knows he has to abide by the same criteria, rules, time lines and behavior standards as the rest of the group. However, this type of leader is helped by a higher standard. He or she is the example, the mentor, the counselor, and the voice of inspiration. A person who has a high sense of citizenship values the importance of fulfilling the moral and ethical obligations that are entrenched in the community.

An Emotional Intelligent Leader with high citizenship values knows when to step back and engage the group for the good of the community and for the success of the organization. He empowers the group, but always ...view middle of the document...

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders believe that citizenship is acknowledging and fulfilling the responsibilities of the group. It is about being a part of something bigger than themselves. The group is more likely to believe and follow a leader with Citizenship because he/she displays a concern for the community and the people it serves.

A leader with this capacity takes action, and does not shy away from it. They will lead the call and stand for the issues that will serve the people and the place they call home. My professor once described this type of leader as the one you want to be in a foxhole with. He has an intrinsic commitment and deep responsibility to others and to his/her community.

When you Demonstrate Citizenship, you:
* Understand the political forces of your community and organizations
* Accurately read key power relationships among the people you work with
* Understand the value and culture of your group
* Understand what is rewarded and not rewarded in your group
When you struggle with Citizenship, you:
* Have little idea about the workings of the group and the organization it serves
* Find it hard to identify or approach decision makers
* Are not sure of the most effective way to get things done
* Find it hard to sacrifice for the greater good

We can all think back on political leaders that had a keen sense of Citizenship. Personally, I believe that Abraham Lincoln was a great example of a leader who had a very deep commitment to Citizenship. Another leader that comes to mind is Nelson Mandela. Both these individuals will be remembered for their commitment to their countries and to the advancement of the citizens they led. Their lives were dedicated to Citizenship, and it became their legacy.

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