Organizational Commitment And Communication Essay

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Walt Disney’s Organizational Commitment and Communication

Com 530

Tanisha Williams

Professor: Allen Sutton

May 20, 2013

An organization’s leadership style creates it culture and position on communication. Walt Disney’s Company leadership style is open management and communication. The Disney Corporation communicates its vision to employees to inspire. The company prides itself on honesty, openness, dedication, and hard work. The Disney Co. chose employees who can align personal and organizational goals. The Disney Corporation is successful today because of its leadership style. This essay will confer different methods to their leadership style. It ...view middle of the document...

He was famed for his legacy of open management and communication. Although the Disney Corporation has vision, there mission does not align completely with that of a charismatic leader. Charismatic Leadership does not foster creative. It focuses too much attention on the needs of the followers. The leader is likely to have goals that supersede the organizations goals. Disney is constantly improving and investing in new innovations that will bring profit. No information was found to suggest that they are risk takers. This company taking certain personal risks could damage their reputation.

Transitional Leadership inspires followers to surpass their personal interest for the needs of the organization. In this leadership style much attention is paid to the follower. The follower’s needs and troubles are assessed by the leader. This type of leadership differs drastically from the Disney Company. Too much attention is paid to the follower and not the objectives. Disney fosters personal interest alignment with organizational leadership. Disney would suffer if their leadership did not keep with its mission and values.

Authentic Leadership is aligns with Disney Leadership style. It promotes open communication. It communicates its values and beliefs. It is ethical and honest. The Disney Corporation mission does not mention trust, but it does encourage teamwork between employees. This style appears more closely related to the Disney mission. The company may survive but attention needs to be paid to creativity and new innovation, which is the source of the company success.

After the passing of its founders, The Disney Corporation has taken on different power sources. There are three different power sources found within organization. Disney employed two of those sources. The first source found in organizations is coercive power. Coercive power uses fear to get employees to complete task. This is harmful and would cause a lack of esteem for employer. Disney does not employ such tactics because the negative publicity it would bring the company. The second source is reward power. Reward power is positive benefits in forms of money, recognition, awards, and plaques or certificates. The Disney Corporation does reward individuals dedicated and work hard. It helps to motivates employees to be effective. The third source is legitimate power. Legitimate power is common in organizations. It is based on authority from the position one hold. Disney employs this source of energy also. These sources of power help the employer to keep a positive relationship with the employees. The employees know that the organization appreciate their hard work.

Communication is important to motivation. Motivation consists of an...

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