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Organizational Diversity Essay

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Week 1 Paper: Organizational Diversity
Brandon Beaver
Texas A&M University – Commerce

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for EMBA 525
Dr. Jennifer Flanagan
June 15, 2012

Organizational Diversity
Diversity in the workplace has become more relevant with the expansion of organizations into the global market. Organizations are recognizing the need to leverage their diversity in the content of globalization to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace (Avigdor, Braun, Konkin, Kuzmycz, and Ferdman, 2007). FMC Technologies is recognized as one of the most admired companies in the Oil and Gas industry. FMC Technologies defines diversity as “the ...view middle of the document...

FMC brings individuals from different areas of the globe to work together in collective teams to educate each other on different cultures where we operate to ensure we provide professional execution from the beginning. FMC manages diversity and inclusion on the bases of regional requirements set by our customers and the countries they do work in. Some of the international areas require a specific number of national employees that need to be hired before the project is sanctioned. Part of the management style is to ensure the right individuals are employed that can work collectively with the team assigned to the project. FMC has regional offices in five different continents, which provides a diverse background of employees.
FMC provides different levels of diversity and inclusion training and education dependent on the position an employee holds. An example of this includes FMC’s Mutual Respect training course. The course is designed in three tiers, all employees, managers and supervisors, and corporate level. I feel FMC’s effectiveness in our diversity and inclusion efforts are similar to the statement provided by Anderson and Billings-Harris (2010) that diversity “training” simply does not work (p. 101). I continue to feel organizations need to have diversity training and education as more than something for employees and human resources to check off a list. It needs to be a priority, especially since we are a global organization. We will not be able to remain the industry leader if we do not educate...

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