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Organizational Leadership


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The term paper will cover the summative learning about the broad topic of organizational leadership. The paper will tackle the real organizational leadership aspects and state how important concepts, rules, and rules can be applied when correcting the problems of a given organization selected by the student. This paper will also give a case study on decision making in a specific organization selected by the student and give the solutions that can be set by the given company selected by the student. The paper will also illustrate a theoretical framework for organizational decision making. ...view middle of the document...

This section is not meant to serve as an academic thesis of rational decision making, nor is it meant to explain to the managers about the material wasted when making the wrong decision for the firm. Rather, the paper is meant to teach the reader about the outline of significant approaches to the challenges, issues that are supposed to be resolved and also acts a guide for the development of methodology. This section presents competency frameworks and a review of leadership theory that enable the organizations to make justifiable decisions regarding styles and approaches. The section starts with a review of leadership theories that have been used for many years. The approaches and the styles to be reviewed include trait theories, situational leadership, behavioral theories transactional and transformational theories among many other approaches to organizational leadership. The section also discusses competency framework approaches to management and leadership and proposes the alternative ways of addressing the challenges facing a given organization concerning decision making. Due to changing nature of the work and the environment in which people work in, it is argued by many scholars that there is the need for new approaches to leadership to enable managers to achieve optimum production and enable them to meet their production targets (Malunga, 2009).
Review of leadership Theories
A review of leadership theories reveals that there is a great evolution in the theories from Great Man theories to transformational theories. According to Schein (2010), the early theories tend to focus mainly on behaviors and characteristics of successful leaders while the current theories focus on the role of the followers and the nature of leadership that assist the managers in the changing world of technology.

|Great Man Theories |The theories mainly based on the belief that leaders are exceptional individuals, born with extraordinary |
| |qualities and that the same leaders are destined to lead. |
|Trait Theories |This is based on positive attributes of a leader that enable them to lead the organization to achieve better |
| |production and attain the organization's set objectives. |
|Behaviourist Theories |This theory mainly concentrates on what leaders do rather than concentrating on their specific qualities. |
| |Most managers derive their leadership skills and approaches from this theory of leadership and management. |
|Situational Leadership |This style of leadership and approach views leadership to be specific to the current situation in which it is|
| |being applied. |
|Contingency Theory ...

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