Organizational Management Task 1 Jft2 Essay

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Organizational Management
JFT2 Task 1

A. Analysis Document
A1. Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey’s position in the decision of whether or not the merger should happen is not simply a business decision. With these different aspects to be considered with the merger, utilizing Vroom’s Expectancy Theory will help to guide his very difficult decision. This theory offers a framework to utilize the director position as leader to influence others and persuade them to support the merger. First and foremost are the community objections to the merger. This is where both the opera and the symphony received the majority of their funding so it would have to be taken into account that ...view middle of the document...

2. Scott Parker
Scott Parker also has great concerns from his community that the symphony could melt and fade away with the merger but his biggest feat is convincing Mrs. Abravenal to support the merger. Through using Alderfer’s ERG Theory as a motivator, perhaps Mrs. Abravenal might change her opinion regarding the merger. Being adamant that her husband’s best intentions regarding protecting the performers might be in jeopardy, it would be a tough battle but using ERG as a motivator, she would be shown that the symphony would financially continue under the merger and the performers would actually flourish. The steps of ERG are not reliant on one another and would be a helpful tool independently as well as using them all to help convince Mrs. Abravenal the decision to merge is more beneficial than detrimental. The ERG Motivational Theory has 3 parts which are: Existence Needs ( E) the desire for physiological and materialistic well- being; Relatedness Needs ( R) the desire to have meaningful relationships with significant others; and Growth Needs ( G) the desire to grow as a human being and to use one’s abilities to their fullest potential. (E) The existence needs being the most important motivator for this situation. The desire for physiological/materialistic well-being would be an excellent motivator seeing as her love for the Utah Symphony will not pay the bills and seeing as they are teetering on instability financially, this merger would help alleviate the possibility of the symphony closing its doors. The Relatedness Needs Motivator is the desire to have meaningful relationships with significant others and would be another positive motivator. Since those involved in the opera have the same passion for what they do, it is important for Mrs. Abravenal to understand that they can utilize the passion from the opera supporters and from those who keep it going. Those resources within the opera would be available to the symphony (and vice versa) creating a symbiotic relationship that separated are failing but together would be successful. Lastly, the Growth Needs Motivator would be used to convince Mrs. Abravenal that the symphony would only continue to grow and flourish to their full potential through this merger. Understanding her position that her husband’s vision of the Utah Symphony continuing only as a separate entity and should be disbanded rather than play second chair is addressed through this motivator as well. By keeping the two separated in the most important ways, her husband’s vision will not only be respected but will actually thrive.
A3. Power
Anne Ewers has a solid, successful background. Both her positional and personal power can be utilized through her experience as a leader. Positional power is what Anne attained through her experience and is seen in her status as a well-respected leader. Personal power can be described as something that drives Anne to want to succeed in the merger. Her positional power is driven by...

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