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A1. How Bill Bailey might use one theory of motivation to oppose or support the merger

A theory of motivation that Bill Bailey might use to oppose the merger is Adam’s Equity Theory of Motivation. This theory is based on the premise that an individual’s motivation to behave in a certain way is fueled by feelings of inequity or a lack of justice and that people strive for fairness in social exchanges or give-and-take relationships (Kreitner, 2009).

In the case of the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera merger, The Utah Opera is much more financially stable than the Utah Symphony. Bill Parker, the chairman of the board at the ...view middle of the document...

A2. How Scott Parker might use one theory of motivation to convince Mrs. Abravanel to support the merger

A theory of motivation that Scott Parker might use to convince Mrs. Abravanel to support the merger is Vroom’s Expectancy Theory of Motivation. This theory can be used to predict motivation and behavior in any situation in which a choice between two or more alternatives must be made and it holds that people are motivated to behave in ways that produce valued outcomes (Kreitner, 2009).

In the case of the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera merger, there are two alternatives, merge the Utah Symphony with the Utah Opera or keep them as two separate entities. Mrs. Abravanel’s biggest concern is that the symphony’s director will not have complete control over the symphony because Anne Ewers will be in charge of both the symphony and the opera. Mr. Parker could put the expectancy theory to work by showing Mrs. Abravanel the instrumentality, or relationship of the performance to the outcome, of the merger such as attracting world-class artists, maximizing efficiency of administration and planning, giving donors a greater return on their investment, and creating new educational opportunities (Kreitner, 2009). He can show Mrs. Abravanel that the merger produces the most positive valence, or valued outcomes, because it will help the symphony with their financial struggles and it will also save the symphony from having to find a new CEO when Mr. Parker is leaves his post as the symphony’s CEO, because Anne Ewers will be made CEO of both organizations.

A3. Describe Anne’s positional power in relation to her personal power

Positional, or legitimate, power refers to the power a person holds due to his or her position or authority. Personal, or referent, power refers to the power that a person holds due to his or her own personality. Personal power is usually gained through personal knowledge and experience.

Anne’s positional power has been gained because of her personal power. Her personal knowledge and experience has strengthened her positional power as is evident in her current job as head of the Utah Opera. Her reputation as being energetic, enthusiastic, and capable, are all direct components of her personal power which has landed her the opportunity to be the CEO of the merged organization, which would further enhance her positional power.

A3a. Discuss how Anne could use her positional power to successfully lead the merger efforts

As stated above, positional, or legitimate power, refers to the power a person holds dues to his or her position or authority. Anne could use her positional power to successfully lead the merger efforts in a number of ways. She could use her positional power to convince the community that the merger would be good for everyone. To do this, she could relay to them her accomplishments while in power at the opera, and lay out some detailed visions and projects for the future. She...

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