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Organizational Structure Essay

1005 words - 5 pages

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Stages of Critical Thinking

Stages of Critical Thinking

Complete the matrix by identifying the six stages of critical thinking, describing how to move from each stage to the next, and listing obstacles you may face as you move to the next stage of critical thinking.

|Stages of critical thinking |How to move to the next stage |Obstacles to moving to the next stage |
|EXAMPLE: |Examine my thinking to identify problems |Deceiving myself about the effectiveness of|
| |that affect my thinking. |my thinking ...view middle of the document...

| |
|The Practicing Thinker |Is my thinking at a high-level thinker as I|I will continue to have the emotions |
| |should now be able to command on my |Egocentric defensiveness, intellectual |
| |thinking? Where can I still improve and |arrogance, rationalization, and |
| |when do I feel my thinking is working best.|self-deception. I will also learn to take |
| | |control of these emotions. |
|The Advanced Thinker |When I have problems am I practicing deep |At this stage I still have the emotions but|
| |thinking and also developing a depth to my |should be able to take control. |
| |thinking. Am I consistent and regularly | |
| |improving on my ability to think | |
| |critically? | |
|Master Thinker |At this point I would be able to control my|My emotions should be controlled in order |
| |feelings and also improve in areas I have |to continue improving on my critical |
| |not achieved. I will want to be living my |thinking. |
| |basic values and know I am fundamentally in| |
| |charge of how I think, feel, and act. | |

Write a 150- to 200-word explanation of your current stage of critical-thinking development and explain why you placed yourself at that stage. Format your paragraph consistent with Associate Level Writing Style Handbook guidelines.
I am able to identify and relate more with the challenged thinker. I will sometimes let my emotions control how I am thinking and then am later regretting how I reacted or at what I said. I have to learn to sit back before I say anything and analyze the entire situation and not just worry about how I feel. At this time I feel I am not always thinking but being motivated more on feelings. This is not the right way to react as my thinking at that point may be wrong. I should understand that everyone has different point of views and try to understand them even when I do not agree. It can be hard to do but that is why it is best to not argue when you are mad. I need to work...

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