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Organizational Systems Essay

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Task 1
Nursing-sensitive indicators are important in all aspects of patient care. A great deal of bedside care is given by nurses. Nursing-sensitive indicators are factors that rely directly on the nursing care of the patient. Quality nursing care improves patient care and therefore patient outcomes. Nursing-sensitive quality indicators promote patient safety and quality patient care. Since these quality indicators are reflective primarily on bedside care provided by nursing staff it is important that all nursing staff be aware of these indicators and their role in promoting quality patient care. There are specific indicators that could ...view middle of the document...

The restraints should be evaluated and discontinued as soon as possible, even if the order has not yet expired. (CPI, 2009)
The prevention of any hospital acquired pressure ulcers should also be taken into consideration. The patient should have a risk score assessment upon admission and as frequently as the facility's policy states. With this patient being confused, in restraints, and seventy-two years old with a fractured hip this would likely put him at a great risk for pressure ulcers. Some prevention techniques might include repositioning the patient, toileting the patient, use of an air mattress, the use of barrier cream and depends if necessary. Once this reddened area was noted on the patient's back the nurse should be notified immediately and additional pressure ulcer prevention should be added to the patient's care plan. The nurse should also notify the physician who might consult the wound center. The CAN should not have dismissed the daughter’s concerns.
Dietary orders are very important in a healthcare facility. In the worst case scenario a sentinel event could be caused by incorrect food trays being given to a patient. These orders are in place to keep patients safe. Some ways to prevent errors in patient food delivery include a two staff checking system. This begins with both staff looking at the actual physician's order and verifying that the order dietary has is correct. The two staff members should also verify again in the patient's room that this is the correct tray for the correct patient. With special diets a sign may be placed at bedside notifying staff to look for this on the dietary slip. In this case the diet order stated, "regular, kosher, chopped meat." The actual tray served to the patient stated, "regular, chopped meat." With a two staff check system this error could have been caught prior to patient accepting the tray. Once this error occurred the nurse should have notified the doctor and the patient's power of attorney.
Patient satisfaction should also have been taken into account in this example. The nurse should have reported this error to the family immediately with a heartfelt apology and sensitivity. The nurse never should have dismissed the event of incorrect food delivery that is very important to that patient's culture. The nurse also should have notified the daughter of the need for restraints before they were implemented and given her the option to sit with her father rather than applying restraints.
Hospital data on specific nursing-sensitive indicators can help a facility advance quality patient care and prevent any new adverse events through education, increased staff, acknowledgement, and accountability. The healthcare facility can post these indicators and the data associated with them...

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