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Organize Management Essay

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Application Plan and Evaluation

The intent of this exercise is to help you apply this cluster of skills in a real-life, out-of-class setting. Now that you have become familiar with the behavioral guidelines that form the basis of effective skill performance, you will improve most by trying out those guidelines in an everyday context.

Unlike a classroom activity, in which feedback is immediate and others can assist you with their evaluations, this skill application activity is one you must accomplish and evaluate on your own. There are two parts to this activity. Part 1 helps prepare you to apply the skill. Part 2 helps you evaluate and improve on your experience. Be sure to write down ...view middle of the document...

Who else?
Skill 1: Myself and my manager
Skill 2: My friends and my roommate

Skill 1: This weekend, Feb. 28th and March 1st
Skill 2: March 2nd to March 4th

Skill 1: Teriyaki house
Skill 2: My apartment, glass hall

3. Identify the specific behaviors in which you will engage to apply this skill. Operationalize your skill performance.

The specific behaviors in which I will engage to apply the first skill is to avoid threat- rigidity response. When the manager said “are you tired today?” I should not think he is blaming me and protect myself and be annoyed.
The specific behaviors in which I will engage to apply the second skill is self-disclosure. Open my heart to the other person before I catch a glimmering of myself.

4. What are the indicators of successful performance? How will you know you have been effective? What will indicate you have performed competently?
For the first skill, the indicators of successful performance is I will not defensive and protective when I encounter uncomfortable information or uncertainty is created.
For the second skill, the indicators of successful performance is I know myself very well. I know my strengthens and weakness. And I know how to get well along with other people.

Part 2. Evaluation

5. After you have completed your implementation, record the results. What happened? How successful were you? What was the effect on others? ...

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