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Organized Crime In Russia And The Impact It Has On Russia’s Way Of Life

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Organized crimes also refer to criminal organizations; they could be transnational, local or it could be deeply rooted into a region where they perform as enterprises. This paper explains the real meaning of organized crime. In addition, the paper looks into all organized crime groups in Russia and looks into the effects it has on the economy. In addition, organized crimes have set up cartels that illegally trade arms and ammunitions that have compromised the security of Russians. This has made Russia become a brooding nest for terrorists and hard drugs traffickers. However, the Soviet Union has put all needed measures to reduce the number of organized crimes in Russia with the help of ...view middle of the document...

410). The other factor that contributed towards formation of organized groups was political power. Organized groups are determined to attain power over a territory either through violence or corruption. The present organized groups are very different from traditional mafias since they are said to have an underground operation strategy and thus it becomes very hard for the government to control such formations. Presently, most of the Mafia groups have digressed from the traditional manners of management when the groups used to act against one another to working together (Albanese, 2000, p. 411). What used to be local groups have grown to interstate and international criminal organizations.
Russians have seen the best of organized groups that have defiantly destabilized the government especially in the effort to make sure that the groups are crushed. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that there were more than 5,000 organized crimes in the country as at 1993 (Webster, 2000, p. 73). Organized groups in Russia came about after the fall of the great Soviet Union. During the fall and the transition period to the present Russian Federation, there were massive flaws in the economy and security operations that happened encourage start of organized groups. The transition period from one region to the other left Russians with no alternative but being subjected to harsh treatments of organized crimes (Webster, 2000, p. 73). The current state of organized crimes in Russia could be traced to 70s and up to early 90s under the shadow of USSR; as a result of the deteriorated state of the USSR’s economy, there were the highest cases of organized crimes more than it is in the present Russian Federation. It is evident that the old USSR had given mandate to Mafias to operate and start protection groups that were thriving under the large economy. Some of the factors in the USSR economy that contributed to the massive growth of organized crimes were the high cases of bureaucratic power from the rulers and an adequate availability of illegal markets (Webster, 2000, p. 74). It is critically noted that more than half of the revenues raised by the Soviet Union government was from bribes or illegal...

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