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This paper explains that the organizing function of management that impacts human resources and knowledge may strongly impact an organization's success. The organizing function of management in relation to human resources considers mission and service member needs, develops personnel organizational charts, incorporates internal and external factors and establishes goals for day-to-day management. It shows how the organizing function of management in a knowledge management scenario is focused closely on understanding and identifying command's and service member needs. It concludes that organizing function is especially important, as failure in identifying knowledge management issues can be ...view middle of the document...

In the case of knowledge management, organizing function includes effectively identifying and mobilizing intellectual and knowledge-based assets, and is focused on specific and clear goals. Further, this process includes provisions to allow service members to become actively involved in knowledge management, the integration of information technology, and is built on an understanding that "knowledge management should be constantly updated, amended and deleted" (CIO, 2001).The new HR policies onboard my ship, such as personnel training program, occupational health and safety management, mentorship program, inspired crew members and provided them with necessary abilities and competencies. As a result, the crew members devoted all their efforts and enthusiasm to the success of the maintenance programs. Our high standards lead to higher leadership satisfaction, which resulted in the better working hours and more time off. In this case, proper organizing of training cycles for HR policies and practices are identified by our leaders as critical factors to the success of the management and unit goal achievements.Human resource management is strategic integration; in particular it's the need to establish a close two-way relationship or fit between the external influences (orders) and the elements of the internal policies. Strategy of our HR management is about linking its practices to organizing strategy. There are many organizing process that my command may utilize and one of them is the use of Intergraded Training Team (ITT) to help all crew members get on the same level of job qualifications. The ITT is helping in organizing the command as the function of management.There are many reasons why my command wouldn't want to bring in outside advisories and leaders to organize the command. One would be because the crew members obtained knowledge from many training scenarios, the value and the importance of information can be obtained from varied sources within the command. My command values the opinions of the experienced professionals that are onboard during our assessments. We do sometimes need experienced professionals with a positive feedback and recommendations for the successful organization that will have the foundation for leadership and control.Intergraded Training Team benefits command's organizing process in many ways. They point out different perspectives on upcoming challenges or obstacles. They organize and take the human resource readiness to a new level with moral benefits and complete satisfaction. They've increased our percentages for upcoming assessments and extensive training for crew members so they can excel in their knowledge and career. This organizing process was very beneficial during the course of last three years. We went to the next level in our goals and avoided any distractions that may intervene. With dedication by the command and members of ITT organizing has greatly improved.The supervisors onboard recognize the existence...

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