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Organizing The Preparation Outline For Your Introduction Speech

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Organizing the Preparation Outline for your Introduction Speech
I. Start with Main Points
A. Look at the information that you gathered and try to find a way to organize your main points (chronological, spatial, topical, problem-solution, cause-effect). For example if you want to tell your audience about your partners background, education, and hobbies you would organize them in that order – first main point = background, second main point = education, and the third main point would be hobbies. It would only make sense to tell us the person’s background first.
B. You should have at least two and no more than three main points for your short introduction speech.
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The Following is a Template and Guidelines FOR AN INTRODUCTION SPEECH PREPARATION OUTLINE: MAKE CERTAIN THAT YOU LABEL EVERYTHING! (All labels are in parentheses--include all labels and visual framework in your outline. You may have 2 OR 3 main points.). You can use the following template for your Preparation outline by typing your information into the template and replacing the explanations. This is just an example/template. You may have only two main points, and two sub-points for each main point. You may not have any sub-sub-points, sub-sub-sub-points. In your introduction and conclusion you will include the same number of elements. In the introduction the Attention getter is always first and the Preview is last. The order of the other elements is up to you. You will include your title Specific Purpose, and Central Idea in the spaces provided. Your outline will start after the following line of asterisks. Delete this entire explanation ABOVE.
Specific Purpose: This is what your main points must support or prove. Tell me in one sentence what the purpose of your speech is–for example I will introduce Jack [interviewee’s name will be Jack for this example] to my audience.

Central Idea: Summarize your speech/outline in one sentence. Should clearly sum up all of your main points. A declarative sentence.
For example: Jack has overcome many difficulties in his pursuit of a degree in Education, yet still has time to enjoy life.

I. (Attention Getter) This could be a story or anything you know will GRAB your audience's attention. “Albert Einstein once said that in the middle of difficulties lie opportunities. We all experience difficulties in our lives, however, what makes some of us different from others is how we deal with the difficulties. The person I will introduce to you today sees difficulties as opportunities.”

II. (Reveal Topic) Reveal your topic to your audience–just your topic–not a preview.
“Today I have the opportunity to introduce you to Jack Hart, our new classmate.”

III. (Credibility Statement) Answer the question "Why should we listen to YOU?" Give some type of factual information or some reference that will show that you know what you are talking about. This could be the fact that you had an extensive in-class interview with your interviewee. Perhaps you did additional research, or you telephoned your interviewee.
“I interviewed Jack in class, and spoke with him on the phone. Before the interview I didn’t Know Jack—now I do.”

IV. (Preview) Briefly reveal your topic and state what your main points will be.
For example: “Today, I will tell you about Jack’s
A. Main point 1 goes here...

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