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Original Writing Essay

550 words - 3 pages

Footsteps behind as you are walking along a dark alley:
As I was nearing the end of the alley, the sound of footsteps behind me suddenly started again, this time louder than ever.
The sound was like a never-ending, beating drum, echoing the beat of my heart, which was thumping wildly in my chest. I
quickened my pace, wrapping my coat around me, as if that could give me protection from whoever was closing in behind
me. The fear was running around my body. I could feet it in the tips of my fingers and the tips of my toes. I prayed that the
sound from behind would stop, but instead it became louder, and it seem ed as if the footsteps were getting closer. I
decided I had to turn around and face the approaching ...view middle of the document...

Papers were scattered over the desk and the bookshelf was crammed with books, with
spines of many different colours. Everything was covered with a thick layer of dust, however, suggesting that no one had
used this room for a very long time. I walked over to the desk and looked at the papers on it. A fountain pen lay there, lid
off, and the lost sentence on the top page was half finished. Someone had left here in a hurry!
I take an uneasy step forward along the dark, dreary corridor. Sounding like a tortured moan; the floorboard creaks. I
jump, my nerves stretched like elastic bands, my palms sweaty, my senses alert. The heavy silence returns and I stand
rooted to the spot, straining my cars, listening for any unwanted sounds,
I wonder again why I ever dared to enter this eerie, unwelcoming house, and I long to be back outside in the bright,
friendly sunshine with my friends. But they seem a million years away now. I am alone.
Squeezing my terrified eyes tightly shut, I take another small step, and then another, feeling my way along the wall with a
clammy hand. The wall feels damp and sticky, as if lightly coated with dew.
A musty, sweet smell drifts up the corridor and fills my nostrils, making me cough. I open my eyes, hoping my coughing
has not disturbed anyone who may be lurking in this evil house. Looking about me, I see that I am nearing the end of the
dim corridor and approaching a dusty red door. Should I enter? Or should I turn and run back down the corridor, hoping I
can find my way back outside?
I am standing, undecided, when the handle on the red door suddenly begins to turn. Dust falls from the door as slowly,
very slowly, it begins to open ...

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