Orion Shield Project Case Essay

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Executive Summary

After 14 years as a successful engineer with Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC), Henry Larson promoted Gary Allison as project manager of the Orion Shield Project. This was a promotion that would change Gary’s successful career at SEC significantly. In less than a year, Gary went from a preeminent engineer at SEC, to nearly loosing his position with the company, due to his lack of project management skills and Henry Larson unethical guidance.
During the course of the Orion Shield Project, Gary encountered several technical, ethical, legal, and contractual project management issues. His lack of project management experience was evident from the beginning, and ...view middle of the document...

The most important aspect of project management is the delivery of positive results on time and within the project budget. In order to successfully complete a project it’s important a project makes efficient use of time, human resources, capital, resources, and communication. An essential responsibility of the project manager is the execution of project control system in the initial phase of the project so that the project can progress on time and within budget. Project control is an important aspect of a project and if executed incorrectly it can have destructive effects on the project outcome. In Gary Allison’s case, the incorrect execution of project control was the ultimate downfall of the Orion Shield Project. The technical, ethical, legal, contractual and communication issues of project management will be discussed as they relate to the Orion Shield Project, along with an analysis of Gary Allison strengths and weakness throughout the project.
Technical Issues
Gary Allison encountered many technical issues when trying to produce a product that could meet SEC maximum temperature requirements as well as guarantee a long life expectancy.
Gary Allison tried to use his best judgment on the research and design phase of the project by keeping close watch of detail on the actual process of the project. Gary also spent majority of his time contributing to the design and research attributes of the project. In doing so Gary hoped he would be able to recognize and resolve any technical issues prior to them becoming a problem.
Nevertheless, Gary efforts didn’t go as planned in the closing stages of the project. Gary focused so much of his time controlling one area of the project that he ignored his additional obligations as project manager. Gary could have avoided a great deal of the pressure associated with the project if he would have looked to his staff members for assistance. As a project manager it is logical that Gary wanted to supervise the operations of his project, but as a new project manager he should have trusted his staff members would perform well. As a project manager this type of management skill is known as (THIS) when a manager allows other work as a team (Pg.5).
Gary Allsion spent so much time working on administrative paperwork due to the warning he received for Space Technology Industries that it stopped focusing on the supervision of the research and design phase of the project. Even though, the team is responsible for their individual assignments, Gary as a project manager should have focused on allocating his time accordingly so that he could have learned about the new material (JXB-3) before testing begun and not after. Many of Gary technical issues could have been avoided if he found a balance between his administrative tasks and helped with testing and develop phase of the new product.
Ethical Issues
The first example of an ethical issue takes place prior to SEC winning the bid to create the product. In the...

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