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Oscar Wilde's Life And Works Essay

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The topic of the given abstract is ?Oscar Wilde?s Life and Works?. I have decided to choose this topic because I dare assert with confidence, that even an inexperienced reader knows this name. Few did not feel the charm of this brilliant aesthete on themselves. For some Oscar Wilde was an author of uncountable aphorisms for all occasions - from polemic debates up to a love explanation, for others ? the genius of the refined fairy tales and parables or the founder of ?mindless secular comedies with very mindful morals ?.?The True Artist ? (Bryusov), ?Born to Write? (Oldington) - responded the writers of the different countries and generations, a Russian and an Englishman, both allocated with ...view middle of the document...

The future writer was brought up in mother?s literary salon. From so eccentric parents Oscar has inherited rare work capacity, curiosity, a dreamful mind, the keen interest in everything mysterious and fantastic, a habit of making and telling unusual histories.In such insincere surrounding, among false smiles, theatrical poses and words Oscar Wilde grew up. Naturally, his parents have taken care of their son?s education. After leaving school in Portore (1864-1869), where he has found out his great talent for classic languages, Oscar spends eight years (1871 - 1878) in the exclusive university environment ? in the Trinity college in Dublin. He studies art, willingly reads the works of romantic poets, admires prerafaelites, and also listens to the lectures of John Ruskin (1819 - 1900), who has already become famous as an author of the ?Modern painters? and ?Stones of Venice?. Ruskin?s views of the beauty have been treated by young Wilde as a philosophy of individualism.Here he gets acquainted with theoretical statements of the American impressionist, Whistler and with the author of the ?Etudes on a history of the Renaissance? - Walter Paster whose appeal was: ?The Person - is our only salvation?.Oscar Wilde is accompanied with constant success, his talent is appreciated (he graduates the Oxford university with distinction). Professor Megaffi, the rector of college of the Trinity and the president of royal Irish academy, in the foreword to the work about Greece expresses him a gratitude for the help. Together with professor Megaffi in 1877 Oscar Wilde makes a trip to Italy and Greece which, certainly, was later reflected in prose and verses. (In particular, a short essay ?Keat?s Tomb?) Being under protection of all these ?masters of thoughts?, young Wilde, subsequently, followed their doctrines. The cult of the Beauty, ratified in Oxford under John Ruskin's visible effect that generated, in particular, a cult of effective, deliberately "impractical" clothing and ritual refinement of speech intonations, has soon caused a new direction in life, more precisely, even, a mood. This mood, this style of existence was named ?aesthetism?. And Oscar Wilde has become its prophet.Within Oxford Oscar Wilde has joined the aesthetic direction of art. Calling England ?a traders? jack?, denying the vulgar bourgeois reality from the aesthete?s point of view, he wished to oppose it with the special norms of behaviour distinguishing few "elite" people, he appeared everywhere in extravagant suits, with a constant emblem of the English aesthetes, a sunflower (on other sources a sunflower and a lily) in a buttonhole (later replaced with a green carnation). In the same years Wilde?s first poetic experiences appear.In Wilde?s works two periods distinctly differ. The majority of products of the different genres has been written during the first period (1881 - 1895): poems, aesthetic treatises, fairy tales, his unique novel ?The Picture of Dorian Gray?, drama "Salome" and a...

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