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Othello And 1984 Quotes And Exposition

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Understanding the Outsider

The theme outsider was explored in various texts such as Othello. These were encountered throughout all these texts and provided an understanding about the society’s treatment towards outsider, the way they react to their surroundings and characteristics of individuals through which they are recognised as outsiders in the texts.
The text, Othello, protrays many characters as outsiders as they all, in a way, are trying to gain acceptance of the other characters. Othello, the protagonist, is a person who has come to Cyprus from Africa. He is recognised by his race, and is segregated frequently by the repetition of the word Moor and savage characteristics, by ...view middle of the document...

This shows that Iago interacts with community and he has whatsoever no connection to the community except his revenge. Iago, in the play, says the quote ‘wife for a wife’, showing traits of jealousy. This jealousy is what had led to the catastrophic events at the end of the play. Bianca, a courtesan, is shown as an outsider due to her profession. This shows how profession plays a huge role in the lives and the acceptance of people. "I marry? What, a customer? Prithee bear some charity to my wit, do not think it so unwholesome. Ha, ha, ha!". Bianca was never accepted in the society due to her status and profession. Cassio is also one of the major figures in the novel considered to be an outsider and this may not only be in his profession but his personal life. This is how the society scrutinizes his love for Bianca. In his profession, he is considered an outsider by many including Rodrigo and Iago due to his lack of experience.

In conclusion, the characteristics by which which outsiders are recognised, the way they react to their surroundings, and the society treatment towards them, plays an important role in understanding the theme of outsider. These are affected by various characteristics of the individuals...

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