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Othello Essay Conflict (And Related Texts)

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Conflict can be a positive part of human interaction. Discuss this statement with close reference to your prescribed text and two related texts.

Conflict can be defined as a result of failures within person relationships, social groups and oneself. In Othello by William Shakespeare, this conflict negatively affects the relationships between all involved and society in general. In The Road, by Cormac McCarthy, again, this conflict stems from lack of social tolerance, on a much larger scale than that in Othello, as the text is dystopian and post-apocalyptic. Where The Road explores the conflict between survival at any cost and survival with values of dignity, Othello depicts conflict ...view middle of the document...

Conflict in The Road is focused around the brutal survival of the father and son. The father’s purpose in life is to protect and provide for his son. This notion is explored through textual features, such as the structure of the texts conversations between the father and son.
“Are we still the good guys?
Yes. We’re still the good guys.”
This feature is used to support both the fathers’ love for his son and their desperation to survive. The structure of the conversation mirrors the landscape: stripped back and bare. Only what needs to be said is said; the son asks, the father replies. The conversations are truthful and honest, the opposite of what Iago is, however, conflict between the father and son arises out of the father need for security and his loyalty only to his son, and the sons desire to love and help all who they come across on the road. Nonetheless, the relationship between the two is strengthened as a result of the conflicting ideas and values alongside the sense of honesty and truthfulness that they both possess, making it evident that conflict can be a positive part of human interaction.

Similarly, Grand … expresses a key situation in which the turmoil displayed results positively. Mac (a lawyer)’s car breaks down in the ghetto and he is thrown into a world of insecurity. When a gangster with guns threatens him, he is vulnerable and scared. The film cut between shot of what is happening to Mac and shots being filmed from his perspective. Confusing continuity editing amplifies the tension and fear as Mac enters a situation of conflict and danger in which he has no power or control. The moment of salvation comes when Simon, the black tow-truck man, arrives. As Simon negotiates with the gangsters, two responses to social conflict are illustrated:
Simon: “Man, the world ain’t supposed to be like this. I’m supposed to be able to do my job without asking you if I can. That dude is supposed to be able to wait in his car without you ripping him off…”
“… If you don’t have the gun, we ain’t having this conversation.”
Gangster: “No gun, no respect. That why I always got the gun.”

Simon’s thesis is that a moral code of order and rights protects the world from conflict. The gangsters search for respect through violence, but they are confusing obedience and fear with respect. Social conflict arises as people are searching to have different needs met, but there is no longer and shared sense code of values.

These themes are also evident in Othello, where Iago's values are much different to the values of Othello and Desdemona, whose relationship is built on love loyalty and honesty. Grand … demonstrated a positive outlook on conflict, as...

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