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Other Topics Essay

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Often times when we think of acids and bases we recognize acids and bases by their simple properties, such as taste. We know that a lemon is sour, so it is acidic. Bases tend to taste bitter. However, when working in laboratory chemists cannot rely on their taste buds to predict the result of the many reactions they encounter. It is important to know the classification and the formula of acids and bases in order to understand how one substance will react with another. In this lab we observed how acids and bases change the color of certain dyes, such as litmus. We also observe the solubility of certain salt compounds. When solids dissolve in water, they dissociate to give the ...view middle of the document...

The list is as follows: Potassium (most reactive), Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Zinc, Carbon, Iron, Tin, Hydrogen, Lead, Copper, Silver, Gold (least reactive).

In our experiment, the Magnesium quickly produced bubbles when combined with the HCl and H3PO4. We concluded that this was a result of the mixture producing a lot of Hydrogen gas.

Zinc should also have produced hydrogen gas when combined with the HCl and H3PO4. In both reactions bubbles were observed. However, if we refer to the ECS this reaction would not have occurred as quickly or vigorously as Magnesium.

Copper should also produce hydrogen gas when reacted with HCl, H3PO4, and CH3COOH acids, however the Copper is less reactive than the other two metals. As a result in our experiment we did not see a reaction occur. It may be possible that if larger amounts of both the acid and the metals were utilized we may have been able to see a reaction. For this experiment we utilized very small amounts of acids and metals, which may have lead to the inability to notice any change in the solution.

Effect of acid concentration on reaction rate
In our experiment it is evident that by increasing the concentration of acid, more acid particles are available for collision, and therefore the reaction rate is faster. Although HCl is a stronger acid than CH3COOH, at a 3M solution (the highest concentration) both acids produced a visible reaction. This further proves that the concentration of the acid and the reaction rate when combined with a metal such as Mg is a direct relationship.

Reaction of aqueous sodium hydroxide with acid
NaOH (weak base) + HCl (strong acid) so litmus paper will be red because one of the products of hydrolysis is stronger that another. In our...

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