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Ounit A – Roles, Responsibilities And Relationships In Lifelong Learning

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oUnit A – Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning

In this assignment I will be addressing the role of a teacher; I will also look at my own role as a joiner within the construction industry and responsibilities I carry out. Diversity and equality, analysing the boundaries as a joiner in hmp establishments, working with other professionals and how to promote appropriate behaviour in a safe and supportive learning environment.

The role of a teacher is a challenging and demanding one, the main role is to deliver a subject that many factors need to be taken into consideration, they need to involve, motivate and engage the students during each teaching session. How ...view middle of the document...

Working on a busy building site requires a safe approach to every task that is carried out, just like a teacher has to have a safe and suitable learning environment which has an effect on the learning that will take place. It is vital that a purposeful learning inclusive environment is created so that the student feel safe secure, confident and valued.

Equality is about the rights of everyone to have access to attend and participate in their chosen learning experience. It can also be describes as everyone being different, but having equal rights.
As my role within my current contract working for different hmp around Lancashire this means that I need to take into account the knowledge of current legislation regarding the equality act 2006 which covers 6 areas ( age, disability, gender, race religion and belief and sexual orientation) the safeguarding vulnerable groups act 2006, the data protection act 1998 the official secrets act 1989 as well as all relevant health and safety acts. Working within such establishments requires a huge approach to...

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